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Must be Monday – NaNoWriMo Week Four – The End is Nigh!


So I had a really really bad weekend for writing. Weekends are usually the hardest days for me to write anyway as I write best when alone with music blaring stupidly loudly through my big ole PC headphones and that isn’t really a possibility with my four-year-old at home. Even though he only goes to school for a couple of hours a day I tend to write solidly during that time. Not to mention any time that I could have potentially have tried to write in the evenings got swallowed up by prepping for a dungeons and dragons game Sunday, that’s out of the way now but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

I’m absolutely kicking myself after I was so confident for most of last week. As of this morning at around 6am I’m 4,368 behind the target at 37,707 It’s not helped that I’m not at any points that are particularly easy or quick to write at the moment AND I have blog posts to write for this week. I’ve been working so hard on this project and done so well so far that I’m determined to not to fall behind any further and still win NaNoWriMo. Dabble (the word processor I use) assures me that if I make sure to write 2116 a day over the next six days I should be able to make it!! Feeling pretty good as two years ago I was a whole 10k behind and I still made it!

Update: A little over 800 words written today (before 9am) already so hoping this is a good sign!