Why my TBR will never end.

30184950_10155154710516581_1461162194_nAt the start of the year I was determined to at least make a sizeable dent in the 120 plus books that I currently own but haven’t yet read, not including the books I don’t own but want to read. I told myself that other than a few books I’d already been looking forward to I would hold off on buying more books and restrain myself.

I’m such a damn liar. 

I’ve certainly been more conservative than I would usually with my book buying and where possible I’ve tried to pick books up to read from my TBR shelves I sorted especially for this but I couldn’t bring myself to (even temporarily) cancel my audible account and all the beautiful bookstagram accounts and fantastic blogs I’ve been reading lately have pretty much become a shopping list for my goodreads TBR shelf. Thankfully I’m pretty broke at the moment which has probably been the most help for curbing my book buying habits but I’ve worked out if I stay an extra hour after work once a week I make work happy and I can get a book. I think I have a problem.

I love my books though. Yes, I know we all love books and I imagine what I’m about to describe will be the case for a lot of people who read my blog but just being in my room with all my books make me happy, looking at each one, even the ones I haven’t read and already getting lost in them just by laying eyes on them or running my hand across their spines. I know it sounds weird, stay with me I’m getting to the point. Promise. I realised I will probably spend my entire life chasing that elusive end of the TBR pile. I’ll read one book and buy two and honestly, I’ve also come to the realisation that actually I think I’m okay with that.

When I reach the last hundred pages or so of a book I’m reading I tend to slack off on my reading a little, partially because I don’t want it to end but also because I’m already half enamoured with whatever my next read is. I spend so much time thinking about what book I’ll read next. I love just looking at my shelves and imagining what each book is like and trying to pick which one of my 100+ babies to read next is a challenge but one I relish. There are so many great stories there waiting to be discovred and there will always be more. The world could be coming to an end and I’m sure someone will still be out there writing Harry Potter fan fic! What I mean to say with is that I personally know I will never get to the end of my TBR mountain and that actually makes me pretty happy! Imagine finishing college or being made redundant and having over 100 new job oppertunities! So don’t beat yourself up because there will always be something to read and that’s a fantastic thing!!

Of course now I  have a the problem of too much choice but let’s not go there right now, I’ll save that for another blog post. Let me know in the comments your top five contenders for next to be read from your TBR!