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#Six For Sunday – Favourite places to read


It’s that time of the week again and I’ve been looking forward to this weeks prompt which is “Favorite places to read” because although I can read pretty much anywhere (other than on a car/bus which makes me feel sick usually) I love reading in most of these places and doing so makes me super happy. Thank you, as always  to Steph over at alittlebutalot for this weeks prompt!

1. My bed.
I feel like reading in bed might be a popular one but it’s one of the places I read the most, even though I tend to nod off after about half an hour, usually I’ll get up, potter around a little bit and go back to reading. It’s super comfortable, my bed is HUGE so I can move into loads of different comfy positions and most importantly for me, I can move my legs around a lot. I suffer from mild restless leg syndrome and need to be able to move them around a lot or risk being very uncomfortable, I can do this easily in bed and sit however I like while being snuggly too.

2. A comfy seat in a bookstore.
There is a sofa in the Piccadilly Waterstones branch that I love to sit and read in. I travelled up to London alone for an important dentist appointment but got there so early I decided to check out this huge Waterstones and spent the next five hours on that sofa just reading and it was so peaceful and enjoyable that I completely overcame my anxiety and got through the appointment no problem. Although not easily accessable (£30 train fare!) and I don’t ever really have that amount of free time any more I think it may be my very favourite place to read.

3. Outside in the summer.
This is obviously a weather permitting one but in the Summer I would quite often leave a little earlier for work and spend 10 minutes having a cigarette (I’ve quit now)  and reading under a tree on my route to work, it always calmed me down perfectly to face the day at a time when a lot of things stressed me out or upset me. I’ve always liked to read outside and can remember when I was younger that I used to sit in a tree by the duck pond my family lived near and just read all day. Sadly I’m far too big to fit in the gap on said tree anymore but I love walking past it and remembering. When given the opportunity (rarely) I still like to sit outside in the summer (and if we’re lucky, the spring) breathing in the (mostly) fresh air and listening to the birds.

4. The bath.
I always used to be worried about dropping my book in the bath so never used to do this but since having my little man it’s one of the few times I got any peace for a while so would kill two birds with one stone and read while having a nice relaxing bath. I have a really bad habit of reading for so long though that the water goes cold and I have to re run half of the bath to actually wash.

5. The Library.
I love our local library and almost every Monday after work and usually about an hour or so before my Dungeons and Dragons session about ten minutes down the road I quite often sit in my particular spot there and read or write. I discovered during a lot of time spent there during one NaNoWriMo that I loved the quiet atmosphere and it made me feel relaxed and could focus much easier. Now I look forward to it every week.

6. My Balcony.
I don’t use this one as often as I used to as I used to sit outside there to read and smoke simultaneously and I don’t smoke anymore but on rare occasion the weather has been mild enough I do sometimes sit out there to enjoy my book, we have a little slide out there so my son can play out there too but most of the time I tend to wait until he’s gone to bed so I can read in peace as he is the complete opposite of chill most of the time.

I realised looking back at all my favourite places they have to be reasonably quiet and relaxing with somewhere comfortable to sit, I don’t think I ask for a lot >.< I want to give an honourable mention to coffee shops, especially the Hotel Chocolat in Colchester as they serve my absolute favourite drink (white chocolate hot chocolate)  and this particular branch is often relatively quiet and has, you guessed it! Comfy seats! Also lots and lots of chocolate! It doesn’t hurt that it’s less than five minutes away from the local Waterstones aswell! I’ve only been able to sit and read there a couple of times so far so I didn’t think it had been tested enough yet to make it to the official list quite yet but had to mention it because it’s potentially pretty high up on my list.

Where are your favourite places to read? Do we have some of the same ones? Let me know and make sure you use the #Six For Sunday hashtag if you share on social media so I can check out your posts!

P.S I finsihed Obsidio and my review will be up soon!


#Six for Sunday – Characters you think would make brillant friends

28537584_10155075844121581_1653771806_nSunday has finally arrived! It feels like it’s been a long time coming this week but here we are. The prompt for this week from Steph over at “A little but a lot” (who gives the best prompts!) is actually “characters you wouldn’t want to be friends with” which is a really good prompt but I was so excited to do last weeks prompt and then real world things happened and I didn’t get around to it so this week my #Six for Sunday is going to be “Characters you think would make brillant friends“. I did write a list last week but deleted it when I didn’t get it written in time and for the life of me I can’t remember who was on that list so this should be fun right from scratch.

1.Shazad – Rebel of the Sands Trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton
Shazad is totally kick-ass and super smart while still being fun, likeable and fiercely loyal all of which of are awesome qualities. There are no spiteful undertones between her and Amani and they are probably one of, if not my number one female/female friendship in fiction. Shazad and Amani are friendship goals.

2. Samwise Gamgee – Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien
Sam is another ultimate friend. He knows when and how to support you without encouraging any toxicity, if he thinks you’re going crazy because of an evil ring forged in Mount Doom or you’re being tricked by a crazy, emaciated water hobbit he’s going to tell you. Sam represents the honesty of friendship while also being loyal and will quite literally carry you to help you achieve your goal instead of doing it for you and I think that’s pretty damn special.

3. Magnus Bane – The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassie Clare
Magnus has been around a while and you can bet he’s got some interesting stories to tell! I’d like to think we’d enjoy chatting while making all the cocktails we can manage! I feel like he would give great advice and have no problem telling you when you’re being an idiot and I think like he’d definitely help you to embrace your fun side a little more if you’re a bit straight backed like I can be some of the time. He’s a fun, loyal character who fights for his friends and just happens to also have magic too which is always handy!

4. Ari and Janco – Chronicles of Ixia series by Maria V Snyder
I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pick just one and let’s face it they’re kind of a package deal most of the time. Like all the other characters on my list these guys are loyal, they’re an ideal mix of (some) brains and brawn (just don’t tell them, it’ll go to their heads!), they’re funny (especially together) and love a good joke as much as a good spar. While they’ve been friends together for a long ole while they’re not the kind to shut anyone else out and it’s nice to not feel like a third wheel with these two (I’m sure Janco would think of a terrible name for a three wheeled cart…).

5.  Zuzana – Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor
Zuze is a great friend who goes to any lengths to help those she cares about, she’s loyal, feisty and absolutely hilarious. Even at the most serious of moments I can’t imagine Zuzana being unable to bring a smile to even the largest, saddest frown. She may be but little but she be fierce and has more sass than you can shake a Herondale at.

6. Hermione – Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling
This seems to be one that I’ve seen almost everyone use for theirs and I wasn’t sure about it being a part of my list. Mainly because through my younger school days I was the annoying brainy/teachers pe/Philosopher’s Stone era Hermione and I don’t think I brought anything special to my friendships but I had the same two/three friends for the whole five years I was in junior school so I must have done something right. I understand it can be difficult to be friends with someone who seems so rigid and fairly different from you, I’m still a stickler for rules and that can make me super annoying but by some miracle I still have friends. Hermione is (like everyone else on my list) fiercely loyal once she found her friend group, determined and passionate as well as being smart.

That’s all from me this week! I hope to have a new review up next week but I’ve been ill again this week (I’m surrounded by a horde of tissues as I type this) so we’ll see what happens! I have got a scheduled post ready to go though so I won’t be disappearing completely again. Don’t forget to tag your posts with the hash tag #SixforSunday and let me know what you wrote for this week! Speak soon.


#SixforSunday – Fictional Partners

Sunday has arrived! The weather is glorious! Me and the little family went for a walk, I’m pooped. I proceeded to sleepily scroll through Twitter for about an hour when I came across the #SixforSunday prompts and knew this was something I had to join in for! This week’s prompt is from Steph at A Little but a lot and is….(drumroll please)
Favourite Fictional Partners!
This can be romantically, partners in crime or BFF’s.

I’ve never been a huge “Book Boyfriend” kind of person but on reflection there are a few fictional characters who hold my heart as well as a whole stack of them I’d love to hang out and cause mischief with! I had to think long and hard to narrow it down to just three.

  1. Jace Herondale – The Mortal instruments series etc by Cassandra Clare.
    Jace is the closest thing to a book boyfriend for me. I adore his sass, he’s gorgeous, talented, kicks butt and has the whole angsty puppy dog thing going on while being a little ambiguous at times which I’m all here for.
  2. Lazlo Strange – Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.
    I will take Lazlo in any form, partner or BFF because I cannot get over him (especially with THAT VOICE! Thank you Steve West!) He’s a massive nerd that loves to read and he’s just so precious and pure. I imagine we’d probably just end up stuck in a library forever which I’m totally fine with thanks.
  3. Shazad – Rebel of the sands series by Alwyn Hamilton.
    This woman is absolute glorious, she’s totally kick ass, she is amazing at coming up with great strategies and she’s just downright fun. How could I say no?
  4. Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
    I would LOVE to go on adventures with this adorable, shy mazizoologist, exploring the world and learning about all the magical creatures in it sounds like my ideal career thank you very much. Well apart from the having to leave my house bit.
  5. Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit and LOTR by J.R.R Tolkien
    Book Bilbo and film Bilbo both hold a very special place in my heart. Even as a child I thought myself rather like Bilbo, I loved the comforts of home, curled up with a book in the warm but I wanted adventure too but was always so bad at trying to find it myself so I think we’d get along and either adventure together or just eat a lot of second breakfasts. Burglar seeks advernture and great reward!
    6. Any member of the Court of Dreamers – ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas.
    Cassian, Mor, Azriel, Amren, Feyre or Rhysand…any of them is fine for me in any capacity. Maybe Cas and Az could teach me to fight, me and Mor could go dancing, me and Amren could terrify the locals while we go out for food, Feyre could introduce me to Lucien and Rhysand could bestow sassy wisdom onto me while giving me an amazing tattoo?

So that was much much harder than I had at first thought. I literally got to five and panicked realising I could only pick one more so I kind of cheated a little bit with that sixth one I apologise! I will endeavour to join in with as many #sixforsunday challenges as possible in the future. That was far too much fun! Remember if you join in use the #SixforSunday hash tag on Twitter so I and everyone else can check out your posts! If you read this and do your own leave me a link to your post in the comments so I can see which six fictional characters you picked!