December NPC Crate Unboxing – Festive Grinch

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“We hope you like these festive treats. Candles for all and pins to share, spread the Christmas cheer everywhere!”

The festive season may be over but I’m determined to keep it alive while burning the amazing candles from this Decembers NPC Crate! I’m not a huge Dr Seuss fan but I did really like the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch so hoped I would enjoy this months crate still. I was not disappointed, in fact, I discovered one of my favourite, if not slightly strange, candle!


Our first candle for this Decembers box was Topple the Tree, a lovely green Christmas Tree and Pine scented candle that captures that great pine smell without being too overpouring.


Next was the red Pomegranate Noir scented candle, Ugly Knitted Jumper, a nice deep scent that reminds me of really nice cologne.


Last but by no means least was one of my no go to candles for when I’m feeling sick and that is the Festive Flu. It has a beautiful blue gradient through it and it’s been an absolute lifesaver while I and the family had a horrid cold over Christmas as it is vapour rub scented! It sounds strange I know and when I saw it on the label I honestly thought there was no way it would work but it smelt surprisingly good and I can’t believe how much it helped us all to feel better!


This pin!! I thought it was funny, appropriate and a genuinely nice looking pin, especially to wear around the festive period, my husband actually wore his on Christmas Day and I wore mine Boxing day and our family that saw them thought they were great. It feels like the pins in these monthly boxes just get better and better every time!


The bookmark in Decembers box was absolutely perfect, the art of Santa with his long beard was lovely and the beautiful rhyming quote was a great choice! “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”


A great last box of the year, I’ve loved opening these boxes every month and finding some brilliant new candles! NerdPouredCandles are taking a break for the month of January while they catch up after the Christmas rush so sadly there will be no new box for a little while yet.




November NPC Crate Unboxing – Magical Beasts


“We’ve searched high and low across the world to bring you Novembers Magical Beasts Crate so hide anything shiny, perfect your bow and maybe grab a pair of fire proof gloves as you’re about to release three magical beast candles and exclusive enamel pin. (The Only thing jewellery moles love more than diamonds).”

The November NPC Crate from Nerd Poured Candles for the month of November, “Magical Beasts” was all things Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As you can probably tell from my blog name etc I’m a bit of a fan and this is my absolute favourite crate to date so far.


First up we have the Thunder Bird Candle, a gloriously creamy looking pale yellow with hints of golden sparkle throughout, scented with coconut, lime and verbena brilliantly embodying this magnificent creature from the wilds of Arizona. This candle has a great cold throw but the warm throw is spectacular and a great accompaniment to a warm evening inside.


I screamed a little when I unboxed this (which you may have seen if you’ve watched the unboxing video I did on YouTube – which you can find here),  not only is it based on one of the best magical creatures which I adore, but the scents are a delicious combination of three of my favourite tastes! Biscuits, white chocolate and vanilla… This just feels like it was made just for me! Imagine a custard cream with vanilla scented, white chocolate filling, are you drooling yet? Because I am. An absolute favourite for sure.


The third candle was based around everyone’s favourite Magical Zoologist with the rough brown colour suiting Newt down to the ground from the leather of his magical case, his sandy hair or his tan waistcoat. Scented with bergamot, lemon and cognac I imagined it being a very stereotypical ‘man smell’ but it’s a gorgeous deep scent with lovely little light notes of lemon that follow and this one actually ended up being my favourite! I couldn’t get enough of it and when lit the scents just all come together so well. I need more of this one please!


This badge is huge! It’s easily double the size of any of the other pins to date and super secure with two pins and attachments on the back. Newt’s suitcase features a quote from the first film and cute little escaping Niffler paws! The metal is also a lovely rose gold colour which fits in with the whole aesthetic brilliantly.


This months bookmark is a lovely simple but effective design with loads of different prints and feathers and a perfect quote from everyone favourite No Maj Jacob Kowalski to finish it off, again the colours fit perfectly with the whole feel of this crate and the world of Fantastic Beasts.


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YouTube’s back (alright!)


So with the two year anniversary of my bookish YouTube channel coming and going last week, I decided to get back to making a few videos for my channel! I will obviously still be blogging primarily and there won’t be any set content every week like here where I post Tuesdays, Thursdays and occasionally Sundays, it will be as and when I have time to make and edit the videos and while I don’t have any regular work on at the moment I’m finding a little more time to fit it in  so I plan to make the most of it.

Last week I posted a video unboxing of the November NPC Crate which you can check out below, I will still post my written unboxing here next week but wanted to have both bases covered, I will endeavour to keep my blog spoiler free and have any spoiler content (other than unboxings obviously) kept to my YoutTube channel.

I’m also scarily close to three hundred subscribers on said channel now as well which to me still seems crazy, the fact that quite a few of my videos have over one thousand views (and we won’t even talk about that one with 10k) is insane to me and I’m so humbled that even when I took a break people were still subscribing to my channel and watching my videos. I hope you’ll also enjoy the things to come. Also, I’m not sorry for the Backstreet Boys reference in the title of this post.

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them – Youtube Channel


October NPC Unboxing – Hunting Monsters, Saving People

“This month we’re going hunting for everything from ghouls and ghosts to Djinn and Genies. Join the ‘Family Business’ and come hunting with us in this months NPC Crate! Who knows, you may even get some help from a friendly angel?”

The NPC Crate from Nerd Poured Candles for the month of October was based around all things “Supernatural” just in time for Halloween, I have to admit I’m a relative newbie still when it comes to the still popular TV show but recently I started working my way through it again and this box of goodies fit perfectly alongside my evenings of binge watching.

First up we have the “King of Hell” candle, a nice snappy purple that I think Crowley would definitely approve of, scented with Citrus, Musk and wood it suits our previous crossroad demon down to the ground with that citrus combining nicely with the musk and the wood as a nice smoky background to it.

The next candle, “Wayward Sons” (the song is now forever stuck in my head), is the perfect Autumn/Fall candle, from its colour which is neither orange or yellow, yet somehow both and with a fragrance of Cinnamon bark, Bergamot and musk. Reminiscent of the limited edition Lucien candle by Geeky Clean (Nerd Poured Candles sister company) with that extra muskiness to it just finishes it off nicely, I could totally imagine this in air freshener form hanging in the Impala.

The last of the candles is my personal favourite and blends October nicely into November with “Salt and Burn” scented with Smoked wood and crackling embers. This candle smells like all the best parts of a bonfire and is perfect on a nice chilly evening, I love to burn it while reading while I use the Netflix fireplace in the background for some crackling sound effects. This candle is cleverly named and has a perfect scent to go with it.

The pin badge for the October box states that the wearer is a “Demon Hunter” and features the same style of Pentagram that the Winchester brothers wear as protection tattoos. I like that the whole thing looks like it’s encased in a shield, kind of like a police badge which with the number of times they pretend to be law enforcement feels pretty spot on, not to mention the healthy dose of black and red glitter on top!

The Bookmark is great quality as always with a chibi style Sam and Dean with a little winged Cas, the Protection tattoo and The Chevy Impala itself, the Winchester brothers have extra cute little details as well such as Sam holding an angel blade and of course, Dean has a bottle of beer!

The November Crate, Magic Beasts should be arriving any day now and you can currently get the December box which is The Grinch themed in the store now! Don’t forget you can use my code Fbawtft18 at checkout for 10% off!


Roll for Initiative September NPC Crate Unboxing

My September NPC Crate by Nerd Poured Candles “Roll for initiative” arrived last week and I think this may be my favourite one yet! After playing as a teenager I’ve got back into Dungeons and Dragons again in the past few years and this crate inspired by the incredibly popular tabletop RPG game is spot on.


The first candle I unwrapped was the green tea and jasmine scented Stealth Check , as a rouge in one of my games this one felt brilliantly appropriate with its super stealthy grey wax. The jasmine smells pretty prevalent to me (and reminds me of the Rhysand bath bomb which is my favourite), the green tea is a little more subtle but helps to change the scent slightly and make the whole thing a little less overpowering than jasmine alone would be in candle.


Next up was Natural 20 scented with Blackberry and Bramley Apple. If the awesome name or brilliant purple colour is not enough to sway you then trust me the scent will, its absoloutley lovely and has a brilliant throw.


The third candle I unwrapped was Magic Missile and WOW. I thought I love the Natural 20 candle but this one completely blew the others out of the water. Not only do we have a lovely topping of appropriate pink glitter but the scent is lemongrass and lime *.* It has a beautiful zing that reminds me of sherbet lemons. A perfect representation of the spell itself which is a hit every time.


I LOVED the book mark with this box as well, such a cute, fun idea to make a list of the starting items in your explorers pack. I actually use mine in my D&D notebooks when I’m playing at the moment.


As I’ve said I’ve loved every part of this crate and the pin this month was the crowning jewel! A beautiful sparkly purple D20 with wings is GORGEOUS! It’s a great size too with two actual pins to hold it in place. This is easily my favourite pin in my collection.


Thank you so much to Nerd Poured Candles and Geeky Clean for bringing us this fantastic crate for September! The October crate which is supernatural themed will be shipping soon but you’d like to bag yourself a monthly crate containing three candles, a bookmark and enamel pin like the ones you’ve seen here the theme for November is MAGICAL BEASTS so if you’re a fan of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them you don’t want to miss this one so head over to the Geeky Clean store and use the code Fbawtft18 to get 10% off.


Dreaming of Ghibli NPC Crate Unboxing


I think it’s been long enough since the crates shipped now that I can do an unboxing of the August NPC Crate “Dreaming of Ghibli” without spoiling it for anyone, I will do the next NPC Crate unboxing a little earlier in the future as the boxes do tend to go out pretty quick but I wasn’t feeling too great last week when I had planned to post this originally so they will probably be another unboxing for the next book really soon as well! I’m SO excited to talk about this box, it was so cute and the inspired candles made me want to watch the films again!

“Take a wander into the wildnerness with this Autumn Leaves scented candle and search for the spirits within Totoros Forest”

First up was Totoro’s Forest with a lovely woodland scent, this candle had a nice swirly green colouring with different shades which gave it a nice unique feel.




“Take a visit and soak up the steam at Yubabas Bath House with this Lotus Blossom and Orange scented candle”

The beautiful deep red of this Yubaba’s Bath House candle is gorgeous and reminds me of the black and red bath tokens from the Bath House. The scent is equally luxurious and is definitely a good compliment for a relaxing soak in the tub!


“Watch out you don’t lose your heart when you go in search of Howls Castle”

The third candle Howl’s Castle looks and smells as charming and decadent as the grand wizard himself. The bright pink colour is reminiscent of his favourite coat and the Yuzu, mandarin and grapefruit scent is one of my absolute favourites!


The Pin for this month is ADORABLE! Featuring everyone’s favorite fire demon Calcifer with a bath token as a background it fuses two of the best-loved Ghibli films together! I’m also loving the rose gold kind of metal the pin was made of this month, it gave it an extra fiery feel!

The book mark spoiler card is great quality as always and covered in adorable Soot Sprites who are in a couple of different Ghibli films and a great representation of the studio’s films as a whole as they’re cute but a little quirky.


Thank you so much to Geeky Clean and Nerd Poured Candles for sending me August’s NPC Crate, the next unboxing will be September’s Dungeons and Dragons themed “Roll for Initiative” crate which arrived with me a few days ago and I can’t WAIT to share it with you all! As mentioned above I left this a little late so the October box which is Supernatual themed has just gone off sale BUT I can tell you that the November crate theme has just been annouced which is Magical Beasts for all things Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, you can grab them from the Geeky Clean store and if you use the code Fbawtft18 at the checkout you can get 10% off!


NPC Crate – Candles and Pins!

36279791_10155312034876581_1990216286516281344_n - Copy

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you probably already know but I’ve teamed up with Geeky Clean to bring you a new product, the NPC Crate! I love candles! I love designing them, I love making them and I lose using them and after some chatting with the lovelies at Geeky Clean we decided we wanted to create our own monthly candle box, thus NPC Crate was born!

We wanted to be a little different to the usual candle subscription boxes so in addition to the three themed, 100g, hand poured soy wax candles in jars we also include a bookmark and an exclusive enamel pin in every box. We are also planning to cover a range of themes from bookish, to video and board games, different Fandoms, TV shows, Anime and films etc so we’re hoping there will be something for everyone!

36351954_10155312034761581_4411662476555321344_n - Copy

We’ve been extensively testing wicks, colours and scents for the past few weeks to make sure our candles are the best they can be and hopefully be something to remember. We’ve had so much fun coming up with the candles names and designs as well as the designs for the bookmark and enamel pin and we absolutely can’t wait for the first boxes to be out in the world because we hope you’ll love them as much as we do. We like to keep full details of the candle etc, especially the names a secret where possible until people have received their boxes but we have posted a few sneak peeks of the candles themselves, one of our labels and a little look at our very first bookmark!

We are also super proud that the entirety of the NPC Crate is plastic free! The candle jars once used up are easy to reuse, our tissue paper is biodegradable as are our packing peanuts which are completely natural.


Our first box the July Crate, “For the Love of Books” sold out really quickly but as it’s our first box and slots went so quickly we are pleased to announce we have managed to get extra materials and for one day only Friday 29th June we will be opening orders again. This will be your very last chance to order one of these boxes so act fast! You can order yours on the Geeky Clean website here and you can also find on the Geeky Clean blog, their announcement and a little FAQ post about the product itself. I’m so excited and proud to be a part of this new venture and I hope you’ll all join us for the ride. Also did I mention a new pin badge every month? AND Candles?

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