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S4S – Books I want to be written

Happy Six for Sunday for a new month! The general theme for this months prompts by Steph at a Little but A Lot is Bookish Wishes and this weeks prompt is “Books I want to be Written” which at first I thought would be hard, I mean how do I know the books I want haven’t already been written? Then I realised I was over thinking it and I got on with it because my answers don’t need to be thought-provoking and groundbreaking and heck, maybe some of them already exist which is brilliant because then maybe someone can recommend them to me? Anyway, I hope you enjoy because I had fun thinking about them (and will forever daydream about at least half of them).

More Illuminae Books

This is probably fairly predictable for me (in fact I think most of these are) and usually, I’m of the belief that once a series is done that’s it but after reading Memento (the Illuminae novella) I realised that I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of that damn series. I understand that the main story is done with but I’d love to see the group grown up, maybe a kid or two of their own or something and just getting into trouble, I’m easily pleased it could be boring as hell and I’d probably still love it lets be honest.

Middle-Grade Newt Scamander Books

I want what I thought we were getting with the Fantastic Beasts films, precious, lovely, soft and sweet Newt Scamander – maybe at Hogwarts getting into innocent mischief with his creatures. I think it would really suit a middle-grade voice, maybe first-year Newt is apprehensive about leaving for school and leaving behind the creature friends he’s made at home but then finds his own place at Hogwarts? Obviously, there needs to be a little conflict to keep it interesting but that could maybe be someone might find out about one of his more misunderstood creature friends? Maybe someone does but then they become friends!? Please just give me lovely little Newt Stories.

Overwatch tie-in novels

My son discovered Overwatch recently (Me and Chris played at release and then for about a year after so we didn’t just go out and buy a shooter game for him but that’s another story) it had more variety and has a much more cartoony feel than Apex which after seeing Chris play he was determined he wanted to play too. Anyway, the point is seeing him play with the different characters (and there are LOADS) makes me really want to know more about each of them and their in-game “law.” There are brilliant animated shorts and have been some good comics but what I really want are some canon, game tie-in novels to go with it. Overwatch isn’t anywhere near as popular as it was now (understandably, it’s been out a while and there are FTP games that are very similar everywhere now) but something I would still love.

YA Greek Mythology short story collection

This might seem like a bit of a weird one that I won’t explain well (and it quite likely already exists). There are loads of myth retellings out there but after reading some sweet Hades and Persephone short stories recently I realised I would really like to read more Greek myths with the YA treatment as it were. Or maybe even some of them turned around like we’ve seen with a lot of Disney franchises over the past few years, I’d really love a new tale about Medusa. Maybe Athena helps Medusa kick Poseidon’s butt when he tries to assault her in Athena’s temple, perhaps Medusa chooses to have snakes for hair for herself that can turn all men who look upon her to stone and then she marries Athena? Maybe I just want a queer, feminist-friendly greek mythology short story anthology? WHO KNOWS?!

More Mass Effect tie-in novels

Again this isn’t a fully formed idea in any way but I will honestly read just about anything set in the Mass Effect universe. In magical Christmas land, a choose your own adventure style ME book would be AMAZING but also super difficult and probably turn out badly. I just want my Shepards story. *Cries* I actually really like the way the books have managed to not mention Shepards gender etc in the books so that it can easily be imagined as your own, hence why they could never be the main character in any of the stories. Maybe we could have more tales about the rest of the crew like we go in the Foundation comics?

Anything about Lucien Vanserra  (from ACOTAR)

So there’s a rumour that we’ll be getting a book about Lucien and the Autumn Court from Sarah J Maas. I would like that, please. I’ve been a big Lucien fan girl since reading A Court of Thorns and Roses (my first and favourite D&D character is literally named and modelled after him) and although I wasn’t keen on a lot of aspects of ACOWAR I did like the amount of Lucien development we got and I need more. SO much more, please.

Another one I came up with I decided absolutely had to exist already so I’m hoping if anyone knows of something that fits these criteria but hear me out – Six of Crows – in space. Admittedly I’ve still not finished actually reading Six of Crows but I would absolutely love to read something in that style set in space and if I can’t find it I’ll just try and write it so help me out and save me from obsessing over another WIP.

In-fact speaking of writing I feel like I could solve most of the problem of wanting to read all of the above by just writing lots and lots of fan-fiction. I guess I better get started…





Mass Effect Book tag

Marta from MsBookishCorner created this Mass Effect Book Tag and as I am well and truly into the Sci-Fi binge read and have got back into playing an almost unhealthy amount of Mass Effect again to celebrate I thought this would be an appropriate book tag to take part in! Briefing note: There are a couple of questions towards the end (8 and 10) that could be considered spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3, obviously it’s a game about choice so they’re not things that will necessarily spoil your personal playthrough but just a heads up anyway.

1. Commander Shepard
Paragon: A main character that puts the needs of everyone else before their own

Iden Versio from Star Wars Battlefront: Inferno Squad is one of my favourite self sacrificing character and not in a conventional way. People die on her watch and she’s killed or led to the deaths of innocent people but she sees this as doing the right thing for the Empire and therefore for the greater good, she puts aside any reservations she has for that better future and even when circumstances change she keeps putting others needs before her own although in some way I do wonder how much of this is guilt.

Renegade: A main character that chooses to do bad things for “the greater good”

AIDAN from The Illuminae Files is my obvious choice for this, a self-aware A.I that makes the hard choices to protect others, even if his sense of the greater good is pretty warped you can see the almost good intent behind it.

2. Eden Prime: the book/book series that got you into reading

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling was a book I read when I started secondary school and was one of the first proper books I read for fun and absolutely threw myself into. I’d always liked and been good at reading but HP just opened up a whole new world to me and I’ve never really stopped since. Honourable mention for ACOTAR for getting me back into more regular reading years and years later as well.

3. Liara T’Soni: a book that taught you something new 

I learned a lot about ancient alchemical texts and the way they were documented thanks to A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I liked that the book very much reminded me of what that first Twilight book could have been had it been better and perhaps aimed at a more adult audience. (Disclaimer: I enjoyed the original Twilight and there was nothing wrong with it being YA, I mentioned genre purely because DoW is an adult book).

4. Garrus Vakarian: a character that brought joy/life to an otherwise sad/too serious book

Zuzana from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books was the actual soul of those books and I genuinely don’t think I would have finished the series if it weren’t for her and I find her an important role for many reasons. She’s hilarious and asks the real questions, especially the sassy ones but is also just full of support and love, an absolute joy.

5. Virmire
Kaidan Alenko: a book that was boring in the beginning but ended up becoming good

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas as a long painful read for me. I didn’t think very much of Chaol by the time his book came around and he continued to grate on me throughout this story but then Yrene turns up and we get a tribe of people who fly giant birds etc as time goes on and the beginning and even the middle to an extent is a bit of a slog but I did end up very much enjoying the last third of the book even if I still don’t really like Chaol.

Ashley Williams: a book/book series that no matter how many times you’ve tried you just can’t get into it

The Witchlands books by Susan Dennard is usually my go-to answer for this, I read Truthwitch and Windwitch and had to love for any of the characters, their choices bothered me immensely and I could not seem to enjoy them despite trying with both books and a sample of Sightwitch from Netgalley. Coincidently I’m finding myself just this past week, considering trying Bloodwitch, the third in the series.

6. Joker: a book that made you laugh

The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner had me in absolute stitches almost the entire time I was reading it. As a parent, it was so utterly relatable and had me nodding along in between fits of giggles as well as really helping me to adjust to dealing with my sweet little baby becoming a toddler as it turns out toddlers are absolute gits sometimes.

7. Tali’Zorah vas Normandy: a character that grew throughout the book and ended up becoming an amazing character

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas is the first character that comes to mind for this. I found her a little annoying, to begin with, and remember calling her a “whiny Katniss Everdeen” for a good chunk of the first half of the book but by the end of the book I was pretty much in love with her, her character changed so much but in ways that made sense as she was pushed to her limit and she just grows in so many different ways throughout the first book and the others and not always for good but I enjoyed her character arc throughout.

8. Mordin Solus and Thane Krios: a character that had a tragic death that you wish you could bring back to life

See now this is a difficult one, like with Mordin’s death (depending how you play and the choices you make) most of the deaths that have affected me in books have meant something and tend to have at least some kind of purpose to them so even when they’re tragic it’s for a reason.

Spoilers for Once and Future:


I would bring back Kay.

9. Reapers: a villain that you love

If I hadn’t already used him I would have said AIDAN from The Illuminae Files but I’m also not entirely sure I would call him a villain either. Instead, I pick Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments. He was clever, vindictive, charismatic, broken and had his weaknesses. He was truly a character I loved to hate but often found myself feeling sorry for when remembering everything he had been through.

10. The Ending
Destroy: a book/book series you wish you could make disappear

I don’t think I’ve ever hated a book or series so much I wanted it to disappear, just because I didn’t like something it doesn’t mean others won’t get joy out of it and then I remembered just how many hugely problematic, racist, homophobic and sexist books out there and I’d like to destroy all of them please.

Control: an author you wish you could control in order to change something about their book/book series

I would love to change the end to the Sookie Stackhouse books, think about how angry and disappointed all those entitled people are about Game of Thrones right now. That’s how I feel about the ending to the Sookie Stackhouse books (except I’m fully aware that how I feel about it matters little and it doesn’t actually give me a right to demand it be changed, I can however still be disappointed in it and no end has disappointed me more).

Synthesize: two authors you wish would co-write a book

I feel like I would love something by Becky Chambers and Lauren James. Becky’s amazing world building and Laurens suspenseful writing along with their mad science skills would be a dream collaboration for me!

That was a fun book tag and one of the more difficult ones I’ve done but also very nostalgic because it’s been a little while since I played the original trilogy all the way through and right now I just want to hop back onto the Normandy and see all my old friends. I hope you enjoyed this tag, I’ll tag a few people on Twitter as usual but if you want to take part that’s great too just leave me a link to your post in the comments or link back to me here in your own post so I can check it out!

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S4S – Favourite Video Games

Happy Sunday! I know I usually follow the Six for Sunday prompts from A Little but a Lot and after this month I will continue to do this but the prompts for this month are all based around kid lit of which I don’t think I know anywhere near enough about to write four posts on. I look forward to reading everyone else’s posts and learning more about it but for me personally this month I will be writing about Games: Video games, board games, tabletop RPG’s etc. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and obviously I’m still a book blogger but I thought a little change would be nice for the month (at least it’s not another full week of Star Wars posts right?) So for this week and the first Sunday of the month I will be telling you about nine of my favourite video games of all time.

1. Mass Effect 2 and/or 3
I refuse to pick between these two as they are both my number one game (none of the others are in order but I couldn’t not list these first). I came to Mass Effect a little later than some, playing the second game first and then replaying all three in order once three was released. I completely fell in love with the style of storytelling and the mix of that with combat. I have never loved any other fictional characters as much as I love my crew in these games. I’m not good at a lot of things but luck would have it if you play over 400 hours of any given game you tend to not suck too bad at it…


2. World of Warcraft
Probably no surprise but even though the current version of the game is not it’s greatest self right now I’ve had a lot of good times playing WoW, with friends in-game and out. I love the rich lore and the little details hidden all over the world. I love so many of the stories the games tell and there have been some pretty iconic moments and characters that will stay with me forever as well as the memories like doing my first run of the Icecrown Citadel and defeating the Lich King sitting at the top of the stairs in my parents house as that was the only place with a decent enough WiFi connection to keep me logged in, the time that my mum decided to play too and thought she was being attacked but actually drowned or didn’t realise that as a mage she could use spells until she was level thirty…the world seemed so big when me and my friend started playing over ten years ago and now I know every corner of it and this game will always hold a special place in my heart.


3. Skyrim
I don’t know many gamers who have played Skyrim and not loved it. Although its a game not many people play much more now it’s mainly because we have done every single side quest possible and have actually run out of things to do in game. It’s a brilliant, open world game the likes I hadn’t really seen before. I loved spending my nights as a newly turned vampire just running around picking flowers and working through my caseload as an assassin of a shady organisation. Another game filled with fantastic memories and a lot of hours sunk into it that I would happily go back and play again and again.


4. Animal Crossing Wild World
I love pretty much all of the Animal Crossing games but unlike with the others where I’ve liked multiple iterations of the games in the series I know that Wild World is my favourite Animal Crossing game. It features the great parts that make it an Animal Crossing game and the same key ideas but there’s just so many great little extras that I love, my favourite of which is the observatory on the second floor of the museum ran by Celeste (blathers sister) where you could create your own constellations which you would then be able to see at certain times and dates in your world. It’s also featured in let’s go to the city too but I still prefer Wild World.


5. Diablo 2/3
This was a hard one to pick because I couldn’t decide between Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3 which are both some of the first PC games I played when I was younger and love them both dearly but I decided to go with Diablo and also include 3 as I’ve played so much of it the past five or six years (at least) that it’s been out, heck I went into labour while doing a speed run of Diablo 3 so I figured it had earned its spot on this list. I love the dungeon crawling, loot finding, demon killing, scenery smashing, button mashing goodness that are the Diablo games. I know the third isn’t popular with some and I understand why but I loved it and played it to death almost as much as Diablo 2, if not more so now. Can we have Diablo 4 already, please? (Immortal doesn’t count…)


6. Fable 2
Although the main story in these games didn’t blow my mind as much as the Mass Effect the utter freedom in these did. I loved that depending on how you acted and how you treated others would change how they treated you, you could form relationships, have families, buy a home etc all while going about your adventures etc. The Fable games are games I could honestly just play forever because they’re so much fun and I really love the quirky art style, huge array of brilliant voice acting across the board and the soundtrack that to this day I still love and remember most of.


I’d also like to give shout outs to Warcraft 3, Dragon Age 2, Torchlight, Portal, Bioshock and Stardew Valley that didn’t quite make the cut but came close.

Let me know what your top six favourtite games are!!

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Star Wars Battlefront / Mass Effect Live stream highlights.

This week I had planned to do a mini book haul but due to being super busy, unwell and having technical difficulties I’ve instead decided to bring you the best of the stream I did on Twitch on the evening of Day Five of Star Wars week for those of you that missed it. The plan was originally to just play Battlefront but the rig I was using couldn’t quite play it while also streaming so after a break I switched out to Mass Effect 3, one of my absolute favourite games! I apologise for the not quite up to standard editing but my hearing is a little out right now and I was unable to film any kind of intro. I hope you enjoy it all the same and I’ll promise I’ll have a book talk for you next week. *technology permitting.