Dreaming of Ghibli NPC Crate Unboxing


I think it’s been long enough since the crates shipped now that I can do an unboxing of the August NPC Crate “Dreaming of Ghibli” without spoiling it for anyone, I will do the next NPC Crate unboxing a little earlier in the future as the boxes do tend to go out pretty quick but I wasn’t feeling too great last week when I had planned to post this originally so they will probably be another unboxing for the next book really soon as well! I’m SO excited to talk about this box, it was so cute and the inspired candles made me want to watch the films again!

“Take a wander into the wildnerness with this Autumn Leaves scented candle and search for the spirits within Totoros Forest”

First up was Totoro’s Forest with a lovely woodland scent, this candle had a nice swirly green colouring with different shades which gave it a nice unique feel.




“Take a visit and soak up the steam at Yubabas Bath House with this Lotus Blossom and Orange scented candle”

The beautiful deep red of this¬†Yubaba’s Bath House candle is gorgeous and reminds me of the black and red bath tokens from the Bath House. The scent is equally luxurious and is definitely a good compliment for a relaxing soak in the tub!


“Watch out you don’t lose your heart when you go in search of Howls Castle”

The third candle Howl’s Castle looks and smells as charming and decadent as the grand wizard himself. The bright pink colour is reminiscent of his favourite coat and the Yuzu, mandarin and grapefruit scent is one of my absolute favourites!


The Pin for this month is ADORABLE! Featuring everyone’s favorite fire demon Calcifer with a bath token as a background it fuses two of the best-loved Ghibli films together! I’m also loving the rose gold kind of metal the pin was made of this month, it gave it an extra fiery feel!

The book mark spoiler card is great quality as always and covered in adorable Soot Sprites who are in a couple of different Ghibli films and a great representation of the studio’s films as a whole as they’re cute but a little quirky.


Thank you so much to Geeky Clean and Nerd Poured Candles for sending me August’s NPC Crate, the next unboxing will be September’s Dungeons and Dragons themed “Roll for Initiative” crate which arrived with me a few days ago and I can’t WAIT to share it with you all! As mentioned above I left this a little late so the October box which is Supernatual themed has just gone off sale BUT I can tell you that the November crate theme has just been annouced which is Magical Beasts for all things Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, you can grab them from the Geeky Clean store and if you use the code Fbawtft18 at the checkout you can get 10% off!

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TBR TAG – Booktube

28117424_10155040868531581_751126403_n.jpgAt the beginning of the year I decided I had way too many books to read still, seriously my TBR is HUGE, so big in fact it takes up three shelves and most the top of a dresser. Upon realising just how many books I still had to read and what great books had gotten lost in the dreaded stacks upon stacks that just kept growing I made the decision that this would be the year that I finally read them. Well, as many as I can manage. I still have ARC’s to read on top of this along with a few books coming out this year that I absolutely cannot miss (I know excuses, excuses!).¬† Excuses or not I figured that this TBR tag would help remind me of some of the great books I still had sitting on my shelves (mostly) waiting to be read.

The original can be found at A perfection called books