December NPC Crate Unboxing – Festive Grinch

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“We hope you like these festive treats. Candles for all and pins to share, spread the Christmas cheer everywhere!”

The festive season may be over but I’m determined to keep it alive while burning the amazing candles from this Decembers NPC Crate! I’m not a huge Dr Seuss fan but I did really like the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch so hoped I would enjoy this months crate still. I was not disappointed, in fact, I discovered one of my favourite, if not slightly strange, candle!


Our first candle for this Decembers box was Topple the Tree, a lovely green Christmas Tree and Pine scented candle that captures that great pine smell without being too overpouring.


Next was the red Pomegranate Noir scented candle, Ugly Knitted Jumper, a nice deep scent that reminds me of really nice cologne.


Last but by no means least was one of my no go to candles for when I’m feeling sick and that is the Festive Flu. It has a beautiful blue gradient through it and it’s been an absolute lifesaver while I and the family had a horrid cold over Christmas as it is vapour rub scented! It sounds strange I know and when I saw it on the label I honestly thought there was no way it would work but it smelt surprisingly good and I can’t believe how much it helped us all to feel better!


This pin!! I thought it was funny, appropriate and a genuinely nice looking pin, especially to wear around the festive period, my husband actually wore his on Christmas Day and I wore mine Boxing day and our family that saw them thought they were great. It feels like the pins in these monthly boxes just get better and better every time!


The bookmark in Decembers box was absolutely perfect, the art of Santa with his long beard was lovely and the beautiful rhyming quote was a great choice! “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”


A great last box of the year, I’ve loved opening these boxes every month and finding some brilliant new candles! NerdPouredCandles are taking a break for the month of January while they catch up after the Christmas rush so sadly there will be no new box for a little while yet.




NPC Crate – Candles and Pins!

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If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you probably already know but I’ve teamed up with Geeky Clean to bring you a new product, the NPC Crate! I love candles! I love designing them, I love making them and I lose using them and after some chatting with the lovelies at Geeky Clean we decided we wanted to create our own monthly candle box, thus NPC Crate was born!

We wanted to be a little different to the usual candle subscription boxes so in addition to the three themed, 100g, hand poured soy wax candles in jars we also include a bookmark and an exclusive enamel pin in every box. We are also planning to cover a range of themes from bookish, to video and board games, different Fandoms, TV shows, Anime and films etc so we’re hoping there will be something for everyone!

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We’ve been extensively testing wicks, colours and scents for the past few weeks to make sure our candles are the best they can be and hopefully be something to remember. We’ve had so much fun coming up with the candles names and designs as well as the designs for the bookmark and enamel pin and we absolutely can’t wait for the first boxes to be out in the world because we hope you’ll love them as much as we do. We like to keep full details of the candle etc, especially the names a secret where possible until people have received their boxes but we have posted a few sneak peeks of the candles themselves, one of our labels and a little look at our very first bookmark!

We are also super proud that the entirety of the NPC Crate is plastic free! The candle jars once used up are easy to reuse, our tissue paper is biodegradable as are our packing peanuts which are completely natural.


Our first box the July Crate, “For the Love of Books” sold out really quickly but as it’s our first box and slots went so quickly we are pleased to announce we have managed to get extra materials and for one day only Friday 29th June we will be opening orders again. This will be your very last chance to order one of these boxes so act fast! You can order yours on the Geeky Clean website here and you can also find on the Geeky Clean blog, their announcement and a little FAQ post about the product itself. I’m so excited and proud to be a part of this new venture and I hope you’ll all join us for the ride. Also did I mention a new pin badge every month? AND Candles?

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