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March Wrap Up

I don’t usually do wrap-ups but as this month I didn’t manage to find the space for a monthly TBR post I decided to try one. Most of the books I’ve read this month have been reviewed here already so I won’t go into huge detail but just thought it would be nice to have it all in one place, in addition, I also wanted to include not just books but other forms of media I’ve enjoyed too. I’m not sure yet if this will be an every month occurrence yet or just a one-off for March but let me know if you enjoy it and we’ll see where it goes!


The Near Witch by V.E Schwab XXXX (Spoiler free review here)
A brand new reprinting of V.E Schawb’s debut novel, The Near Witch is an absolute gem. It’s dark and spooky with the perfect amount of angst and a little romance. This debut, although not as polished as her later works it still very decidedly hers though and well worth a read even if you’ve read it before as this new version, in addition to being absolutely gorgeous also features an extra short story “Ash born boy” which was fantastic and well deserving of a XXXXX rating all of it’s own.

Firefly: The Magnificent Nine by Jame Lovegrove XXXXX (Spoiler free review here)
This was such a fun book to read, a fantastic tie in to the original TV series and although it certainly is an enjoyable book to read without any prior knowledge of the show its crowning glory is the brilliant way James has managed to really capture the whole feeling of the show and it’s world as well as it’s characters as well as giving us a deeper look into those characters in a way we weren’t able to get through the media of television but translates easily to the written word. A must for Firefly fans especially is Jayne Cobb is your favourite. I also did a Q&A with James which you can check out here.

Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy XXXXX (Spoiler free review here)
The only words to do this justice are ones I’ve already used in my full review…SWORDS, JOUSTING, SPACESHIPS, STRONG QUEER WOMEN, TEENAGE MERLIN, GORGEOUS FLUIDS AND NON BINARIES, MAGIC, ANGST, SEXUAL TENSION AND DID I MENTION THIS IS MOSTLY SET IN SPACE BECAUSE YES. Once and Future absolutely blew my mind, it riled me up, it crushed my heart then it brought me back, shoved a sword in my hand and it told me to go save the world. This is an absolute whirlwind of a book and despite the King Arthur type story, or even the reincarnation of King Arthur, Once and Future not only manages to feel new and unique, it feels damn well revolutionary. There is SO much fantastic rep to be found here and I honestly love it so damn much.

Currently reading: Summer Bird Blue By Dawn Akemi Bowman (Review to come soon!)
I’m SO close to finishing this book right now! I wasn’t sure how I would feel jumping from sci-fi into contemporary which isn’t my favourite of genres but Akemi has excelled once again, as with Starfish it explores complicated feelings and relationships and how her characters deal with those, in the case of Summer Bird Blue, Rumi loses her sister and is consumed by not only the sadness that we often associate with grief but also the anger and resentment we feel as well. A spectacular, moving story that I know is going to continue to break my heart.


The Conjuring 2
The start of a slippery slope deciding to try out a horror film as I don’t ever really watch them at home but thought heck why not. This was actually really great. It had some great twists and a nice variety of different scares with the story actually being really interesting and making me really want to watch the third one now.

Don’t Knock Twice
Second horror film after the first one went so well, the trailer was pretty damn creepy and this one definitely had some moments and I actually screamed once but honestly, there was just too much talking for my liking and I did nod off a little once or twice.

The Lego Movie 2
My four year old has recently become obsessed with the first lego movie and it’s accompanying video game so we took a trip to the cinema together to check out the second film and it was fantastic, I really liked the first one and this sequel did not disappoint. It made fun of itself, there were some genuinely sad moments, some great twists and in the vein of the big twist/reveal at the end of the first one we got another great reveal that had been hinted at throughout the film and was done really well. I also have to say that I’m in love with the soundtrack and downloaded it the moment I got home, the catchy song is fantastic as is a slightly different version of “everything is awesome” towards the end of the film and the song that plays over the credits is just gold. Definitely, want to see this again.

On my Sci-fi kick and when trying to decide on a film to watch this one really seemed interesting and was one we both hadn’t seen before and decided to try out. Really glad we did, I wasn’t sure what direction it would take and it definitely surprised me. Not to mention there was an android I got attached to. This film really went to places I wouldn’t have guessed and ended up being pretty thought-provoking and harrowing in places while also being sweet as well as having a good amount of action when the need called for it. Will be watching this one again as well.

TV Shows

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2 episodes 7-9
I have absolutely loved getting to see young, slightly crazy, hot Spock with a beard these past few episodes and it’s been super interesting finding out what really happened to him, not to mention we got to see parts that directly connect to the very first episode of the original series. Also I can’t help it but every episode I have to tell Chris (the husband) how much I just adore Captain Pike, he’s just so wholesome while also being a little damaged by his past and he’s just such a perfect character and Anson Mount has done an amazing job at portraying him, he’s an absolute gem.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post from me, I enjoyed writing it and recapping my month. Where there any particular stories that you loved this month? Tell me all about them!



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#Six for Sunday – Film interpretations of books

It’s that time of week again! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone! Nether the less lets crack on with today’s prompt for #SixforSunday. (Thanks once again to Steph at A little but a lot for providing these prompts). This weeks is…

Film interpretations of books
Weather it’s based on or inspired by, absolute favourites of all time or guilty pleasures these are my top six books brought to the big screen.

  1. Stardust – by Neil Gaiman.
    Now, Neil Gaiman is awesome but for me this is one of those rare occasions where I enjoyed the film more than the book. It may have had something to do with choosing the perfect actor for Tristan Thorne or the fact that the book left out Robert DiNio’s character, the cross dressing pirate Captain Shakespere but although charming the book just didn’t have the same feel for me.
  2. Warm Bodies – By Issac Marion
    Although not my favourite film of all time I do love this book to pieces. The fact that it’s quite a short book helps I think because it meant there wasn’t loads they left out and the things that were added usually worked quite well, most of my favourite lines were kept in and delivered extremely well by the beautiful Nicholas Hault. It was probably a little funnier and action heavy than the book but it worked.
  3. City of Bones – By Cassandra Clare
    I know not everyone is a fan of this (understandably) but I enjoyed the hell out of this film. Mostly because I just loved seeing a book I loved on screen to the point where I managed to block out (most) of the cringe worthy bits and poor casting to appreciate the aesthetic they mostly got right. Also Jamie Campbell Bower NAILED that sass.
  4. Harry Potter – By JK Rowling 
    I know this is probably an obvious one and probably doesn’t need explaining but we tend to watch at least a couple of these at least once or twice a year.
  5. Lord of the Rings – By J.R.R Tolkien. 
    Another obvious one. I read The Hobbit to death as a child but had more trouble getting into Lord of the Rings but five or six years later when I turned 13 we got the Fellowship of the Ring on the big screen and I knew I needed to read these books immediately.
  6. The Perks of being a Wallflower – By Stephen Chobsky
    Probably not an obvious choice for me as I’m a very Fantasy/Science Fiction based reader but I loved this intesnsely simple but deep book and is one of the instances when I watched the film first then knew I needed to read the book. There’s a kind of feeling you experience after reading a book like this and I got that after the film too which I think speaks volumes about it. I also loved that the same letter writing format was still used in the film and that Charlie’s poem is used because I adore it.

Honourable mention to Ready Player One – By Earnest Cline, this book is easily one of my top ten favourite books of all times, full of nerdy references which I’m the perfect age to get, quirky dialogue, a magnificent world and an intriguing story line this is a book I recommend anyone who loved the 80’s/90’s culture, plays video games or dungeons and dragons check this out because it’s a masterpiece. This get’s an honourable mention because the film will be out soon and from the trailers it looks pretty good and I’ll keep my fingers crossed but until I’ve seen it I can’t put it on the list sadly but I didn’t want to leave it out. Also The Princess Bride – by William Goldaman, I had it vying for that last spot but I didn’t overly enjoy the book after having watched the film over and over and knowing it by heart, but I wanted to mention it because it’s one of my favourite films.

I now want to go spend the rest of the day gorging myself on these films so if you need me I’ll be wrapped up on my sofa inside my blanket burrito eating cookies and drinking milk. I’m so very hardcore.

P.S Don’t forget to use the #SixforSunday hashtag on your blog of choice but more importantly (because this is where I’ll look!) on Twitter as inbetween film breaks I’ll totally be checking the hashtag out as will others. Also if  you do this yourself let me know! Leave a link to your own post in the comments for me and I’ll check it out!