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New Releases and Coming Soon!

Everyone in my household (including myself) is finally not sick so I’ve returned from my brief hiatus to find I’m drowning in the release and imminent release of some AMAZING books, most of which I’ve preordered and am subsequently going to be engrossed in for the next month or so at the very least so don’t be surprised if I disappear from Twitter for a while! In anticipation (and to help me keep track of all these awesome books tbh) I’ve compiled a list of all these awesome books releasing very very soon).

by Stephanie Garber
The sequel to the amazing Caraval that came out early last year I have had a great thirst for this book for a good while and I’m so excited to dip my feet back into the world of Caraval once again! Release date: May 29th 2018

The Extinction Trials: Exile
by S.M Wilson
After the first book in this series was released in January of this year I am so happy that we’re getting the sequel already!! I devoured the first book and I need more Dinosaurs in my life. Release date: June 1st 2018

38660363Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff
After reading The Illuminae files I knew I wanted to read more by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman and I love the part Romeo and Juliet, part Terminator premise of Lifel1k3 the blurb promises. Already out in Australia I’ve had to fight my instincts to just get it imported but I do have the ebook which looks to release earlier than its following UK hard copy, on preorder. Release date: June 1st 2018 for Ebook or July 26th 2018 for Paperback.

35959734Adrift by Rob Boffard
Keeping with the Sci-Fi theme for a moment I was lucky enough to get an advance digital copy of this via NetGalley and at over 60% of the way through I am HOOKED! I cannot wait for this book to officially release so I can tell you guys a bit more about it but lets just say I won’t be going on any tours anytime soon. Release date: June 5th 2018

36642932Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles
This is another book I received an advance digital copy of (thank you NetGalley etc) and I haven’t been able to get my teeth into it yet but I’m so excited to get around to it next because although I don’t work in a bookshop myself I have worked for a small business that has gone down the drain, also I love book shops so hoping that will help? This book looks delightful and heartfelt, not one to be missed! Release date: June 14th 2018

36467381 Before the Storm by Christie Golden
A new Christie Golden book you say!? A book set in the world of Warcraft (see what I did there?) you say!? I had to have this. Often there will be a book or two after and/or before an in-game expansion and usually they’re very very good and I imagine the same will be true of this one. There are some exciting pages that have already been released to the internet/amazon and I’ve been trying so hard trying to avoid them for fear of spoilers and it’s been more difficult to do with a husband who decided to watch a forty minute video about them and what they mean. I want to go in with a fresh mind about it and I’m so excited to see the actions of the Horde and Alliance going forward as I’ve always been on the fence about my true faction. This book is one of my most anticipated releases of 2018! Release date: June 12th 2018

Ash Princess
by Laura Sebastian
I have an advance readers copy of this book and although it does seem to follow a lot of stereotypical YA Fantasy troupes I think this is probably going to be a popular book with some and I’m looking forward to reading it ASAP. Release date: June 14th 2018

38087912Vicious (Collectors hardback edition) by V.E Schwab
I know the original version is and has been out for a good while and after seeing all the exciting, spoiler free lines from its sequel Vengeful on Twitter from the author herself I looked into it more and knew I needed to read this book so I decided to wait and preorder the new collectors hardback edition which includes some extra info and short story. Release date: May 29th 2018

35161442Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski (Translated by David French)
The final Witcher book Season of Storms set at some point around the same sort of time as the short stories featured in The Last Wish has now been translated into english and is now out! The lovely people at Gollancz sent me a copy to review and I have a bad feeling I’m going to be sinking a good amount of hours into this book and the third game very very soon! Release date: May 22nd 2018

So there you have it! SO many great books its unreal and this is just a few of them that I’ve been particularly excited about. Let me know what books you’re excited for that are coming soon, any one else not planning on leaving the house for a while? Speak soon,


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