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S4S – Characters I’d go on a date with

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to a prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is six characters I’d like to date. I tend to crush on book characters a lot so this was pretty easy! The only challenge was picking just six and trying to figure out just want kind of dates they would be.


Kady Grant from The Illuminae Files.
I adore Kady, she’s smart, sarcastic and witty (which seems to be my type looking at the rest of these to be honest). I feel like we would probably have a fun but silly date.

Jace Herondale from The Shadowhunter Chronicles.
Okay, so Jace would either be horrible or brilliant at this. It probably helps that I am absolutely down for learning to use various weapons on said date though, to be honest.

Oz from NPC Tea.
I feel like Oz would be one of the only ones to actually take me on a ‘semi-normal’ date like a restaurant or something but we would probably both be awkward nervous messes.

Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer
The only limit with this date would be our imagination and honestly, that’s kind of scary but also awesome. Lazlo is sweet and kind (not to mention pretty) so I’m very okay with this.

Tric from Nevernight.
I feel like this would be perhaps another attempt at a ‘normal’ date and it would be terrible but hopefully sweet OR he would absolutely surprise me by thinking of something stupidly thoughtful. It’s Tric so I’m fine with either.

Jude Duarte from The Cruel Prince.
This would almost certainly nearly get me killed or cursed but I’m one hundred per cent here for it.

That was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post as much as I wrote writing it! I hope with everything that’s going on at the moment you’re all keeping safe as possible and I’m sending you all tons of love and have a great Sunday. If all goes well I’ll see you back here Tuesday with a review.


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S4S – Six Characters that would fit right in my family

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to a prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is six characters that would fit right in my family. My family a little quirky so I think this could be a fun one!


Pippa Fitz-Amobi from A Good Girls Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Izzy O’Neil from The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven.

Zuzana from A Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Ari and Janco from the Chronicles of Ixia series by Maria V. Snyder

Alec Lightwood from the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Nick from Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

On reflection, it seems that I’ve mostly just picked people I think my mum would like!

Edit: I apologise this weeks post is a little more sparse than usual but our family got some bad news this morning and I just couldn’t finish it. I hope you enjoy it regardless though. See you back here Tuesday my review of the Cursed Anthology from Titan books.


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S4S – Six Characters I’d like to be stranded with

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to a prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is six characters I’d like to be stranded with. Now this prompt is fairly open-ended as it doesn’t state where exactly we would be stranded so I would like to think that I’ve managed to cover most eventualities or at least characters that would work in a number of situations.

Janek from Finding Home by Hari Conner
Obviously, he’s a great cook, he’s lovely, supportive and funny so a big win already. I also think we would get on pretty well personality-wise so hopefully wouldn’t be at each others throats after a few days stranded somewhere.

Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
Lazlo tells the best stories. If we’re going to end up stranded somewhere I can’t imagine we would have necessarily packed a lot of books (depending on how long we’re stranded that is because we would definitely have a few between us) and when they run out it’s nice to have someone on hand who is full of imagination and stories. Also, think of the games of D&D we could run!

Rumi Seto from Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman
This one felt a little bit of an odd one at first that I couldn’t quite put my finger on for a specific reason why unlike with the others but she just feels right. I’m sure we could write some awesome songs together at the very least.

Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
So Zuzana is amazing and I would happily be stranded with her anywhere. She is my favourite part of the Smoke and Bone trilogy and she would be first pick if I had could choose who I was stranded with.

Remy Silvers from The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
Another slightly weird one I know but I feel like if I got stranded in space then having Remy aboard wouldn’t be too bad or maybe I get stranded aboard her ship for some reason? Think then of all that TV we could watch together and all that fan-fic we could read-write. All sounds pretty fun to me.

Hanna Donnelly from Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I was debating between Hanna and Kady but figured that although I adore Kady I do also love Hanna and I think she would be more adaptable and more than capable of any physical tasks that may arise.

Is there anyone on my list you wouldn’t mind getting stranded with? Who would you pick? I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, see you back here on Tuesday for my monthly comic review!

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S4S – Six Characters I’d name my kids after

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to the prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is six characters I’d name my kids after. This one actually sounds like a really fun prompt. I have one son who is named after a character in Haven after I binge-watched the show while pregnant. I’m also super proud to have been named after Jem from Jem and the Holograms, the main character in a cartoon about a rockstar with bright pink hair.

Katherine Janeway – Not a book I realise (not all of these will be, book blog or now) but I couldn’t not include this one as if our son had been a girl we had agreed on calling them Katherine, middle name Jane in honour of my favourite Star Trek Captain, Captain Katherine Janeway of the Starship voyager. Lame? Yeah, a little but I also really loved the idea of using Kat for short or kitty Kat.

Leia – One of the first fictional characters I ever looked up to I would be proud to name a daughter after Princess Leia/General/Senator Organa.

Kady Grant – Not only is Illuminae one of my very favourite books but Kady is one of my very favourite characters and I love her name. Sadly as with most of the names on this list, it doesn’t fit well with my surname so would sound weird.

River Song – River Song from Doctor Who is another character I absolutely adore. I loved her from the moment we met her in the library and just fell more in love with her as we got to learn more about her.

Iden Versio – So, after going through this list with my husband in conversation he’s pointed out that I’ve picked six (changed it to five to include at least one ‘boys’ name) strong, kick-ass women and so I replied OF COURSE I did because these are the characters I love and that inspire me and Iden Versio is NO exception. Tucked away in the Battlefront II story mode and a tie-in novel (by Christie Golden, it’s brilliant, you can check out my review here)

Jake from Animorphs – I figured I would pick at least one ‘boy’ name for the list. I tend to find a lot of the female-orientated names more interesting but a name I did consider my son was Jake purely because of my love of Animorphs when I was a kid. I read all of the books and watched the show to death. I was half in love with Tobias but I always loved Jake and how good of a leader he was (most of the time).

Are there any funny or meaningful stories behind your children’s names? Or if you plan to have any will you likely be naming them after any fictional characters? If you could choose a fictional character to yourself be named after, who would you pick and why?


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S4S – Six Favourite authors to follow

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to the prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is six authors you love to follow. I love using Twitter and follow quite a few authors on there, I started following authors whose books I liked and eventually followed those whose books I hadn’t read yet purely because I thought they were awesome (some of which are included in this list), quite often I’ve followed an author first, liked their twitter content and then read their books after. Am I the only one who does this?


Jay Kristoff  
Probably a fairly obvious one for me. I think I followed Jay fairly early on before I’d read any of his books because he just seemed pretty cool, to be honest, and it definitely (along with the desperate pleas of some of my friends) led to me finally reading Illuminae and it was just a slippery slope from then on. Also please see: Bitch you can teleport.

Sam Sykes  
So Seven Blades in Black is definitely on my TBR but Sam is one of the authors who I’ve yet to read (I’m sorry!) but I do follow on Twitter because honestly, he’s absolutely hilarious.

Christie Golden 
Christie’s Twitter account has everything, Cat pics, warcraft lore nerdiness and more. Christie is my favourite fandom author having written for quite a few fandoms/franchises that I adore and I love hearing about her experiences writing these different books. Also, did I mention the cats? Because they are ADORABLE.

L.D Lapinski 
“Many fandoms, one trashcan” in their bio is absolutely perfect. Honestly, follow them if you love anything even slightly Good Omens or Micahel Sheen related their twitter feed is a gift.

Melinda Salisbury  
Definitely check out Mel’s Twitter for witchy goodness, baking, zines and more. Not to mention her sometimes scarily relatable day to day stories.

Alice Oseman  
I mean for a start obviously, you need to follow Alice for all the Heartstopper goodness. She’s always posting loads of lovely sketches and pieces from Heartstopper, not to mention updates when episodes go live on Tapas and extra AU comics etc. That and all the great news and info about her other books should be reason enough but on top of that, we also get quality Alice being adorable in brightly coloured suits too.

Are there any authors that you love to follow? Have you brought a book purely because of an authors social media presence? I know I absolutely have.




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S4S – Reasons I love blogging

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge where we give six answers to the prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is “Six reasons I love blogging.” Last weeks was “Favourite Book blogs, Booktubers and Bookstagrammers to follow” but it was such a busy week that I didn’t get around to it so instead I’ve added it to this weeks for a double Six for Sunday post!


Purpose. It might sound strange but I love that blogging gives me something to focus on. I’m out of work at the moment for various reasons out of my control and last time I was out of work for even half of this long I had a really hard time of it and started to spiral. Having my blog to focus on and keep up to date with has helped me to keep more grounded, to keep track of what day it is (this was a real problem previously) and to engage with others. I love blogging for many reasons but this is the most important to me and I truly worry about what state my mental health would be in without it.

Blogger friends. This one is probably my favourite. I love chatting to other bloggers (and bookish people in general) that I might not have found if I hadn’t stumbled into the world of blogging in the first place. Especially when we find that it’s not just books or blogging that we have in common, there are a good few people I’ve met this way that I consider real friends and I’m so grateful for that.

Events. Again, this is something I hadn’t even considered or really known about when I started vlogging and blogging. I’ve been to so many great events and met so many authors in the past few years and I still can’t believe how incredibly lucky I’ve been to be able to attend these. It’s nice going and seeing familiar faces as well as lots of new ones too.

Lovely publishers. Back when I started blogging it was terrifying sending out e-mails to publishers asking if I could review for them and although it’s still a little scary contacting new publishers or ones I’ve not had contact with before I’m much more confident and I actually really love interacting with the ones I’ve worked with for a while now, especially the lovely teams at Titan Books and Barrington Stoke ❤

BOOKS! I mean duh, obviously. I found a picture of my bookshelf from a good few years back and some of the books on it made me cringe. Not because they were bad exactly but it wasn’t varied at all. Almost all of them were black paranormal romance books and there’s nothing wrong with that or liking one particular genre but I look at my bookshelves now and all the variety and colour and different authors and I know for a fact if I hadn’t started blogging and engaging in the bookish community that there are so many books there that I would never have discovered and I’m eternally grateful.

Writing. So I love to write. When I was younger I thought I remember wanting to be a journalist so I could write about the things I liked or stories I’d find out. I used to listen to people talking in the supermarket when we went shopping and make up stories about the people I saw and then write them up in my own newspaper alongside pieces about my favourite toys and books. I realised as I got older than I don’t have the skill or tenacity to go into actual journalism but I still love writing and when I realised book blogging and blogging, in general, was an actual thing you bet I wanted in on a piece of that.

What things do YOU love about blogging? Do we have any the same?


I ran out of time to post this last week (it’s been a busy one) but I wanted to make sure I still gave these wonderful people the shout outs they deserved though! These are some of my favourite bookish people out there ❤ (But I love you all)

Charlotte Somewhere

Readable Life

El’s Book Reviews 

Emilys Books

Paperbacks and Pinot 

I should read that 


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S4S – Six books people associate with you

Six for Sunday

It’s that time of the week, Six for Sunday is upon us and this week is a prompt that I’ve been looking forward to! Books people associate with you so I put out a tweet and asked some people I know IRL via Facebook and these were the answers they all came up with.

Shadowhunters By Cassandra Clare
It’s strange thinking a couple of years ago I was a huge Shadowhunters nerd and now I’m not even up to date with all the books. (Although saying that I have just put the Mortal Instruments film on to half-watch while I blog). A good few of my videos when I started out on YouTube were Shadow Hunter related, one of my most popular being the about the reading order but I filmed it while I was ill and it’s terrible!

Laini Taylor books 
I think this may stem from when I read Strange the Dreamer and didn’t shut up about it for over two years because it blew my mind. I recommended it left, right and centre and I regret nothing but I love it.

I only actually got into Nevernight midway through last year with the imminent release of Darkdawn. I’d been trying to get around to reading it for ages but was worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I’m pleased to report I loved the heck out of it and it’s two sequels and proud this is one of the books people associate with me.

The Illuminae Files 
These are my favourite books so I’m very happy that they are ones that others associate with me. Although I can’t say I’m surprised as tend to talk about them all the time. (If you haven’t read these I highly recommend doing so, just saying!).

The Hobbit  
I used to read this every year so this one doesn’t shock me too much either. I was also obsessed with the films when they came out.

Star Wars Rogue One: Cataclysm
My fav

All of the books