Monthly Wrap up, spoiler free

Monthly Wrap Up – March 2020

Monthly Wrap up

It’s been a heck of a month hasn’t it? I’ve been in self-isolation for fourteen days (I’m free today!) and the country, along with a large portion of the world has gone into lockdown. Times are scary right now and although things been hard we can’t stop enjoying the things we love as long as we do so safely. So here is my monthly wrap up (a little later than usual but here all the same.

Currently Reading.

Deck of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman.
I have been SO excited for this, I really loved The Devouring Gray and I’ve been desperate to read the sequel since before the first book came out so the moment this was delivered I literally opened the package, sat down and started reading. I’m not getting through it as quick as I would like but that has more to do with me finding the time between keeping everything together at home and the amount of time I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for…we’ll come back to that.

Books I’ve read.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Villains. My comic book read for the month was quite an enjoyable one and pretty interesting getting a closer look at some of the characters.

Cursed: An anthology of dark fairy tales. I found this book a very mixed bag and this does happen quite often with anthologies I find, that some stories are great whereas some you can’t finish or barely get through and Cursed was very much like that which is why I make sure to review each story individually with a few lines and try to work out an average rating for the book itself. Henry and the Snake Wood Box was my favourite.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelisation. I finished this last week and had planned for the review to go up on Tuesday and then the Wednesday but although I did really enjoy it I just found myself unable to write much last week and couldn’t get the words down. I’ve had much better luck this week and said the review will be out pretty soon.

Changes from TBR

I did pretty well with this I think considering. I read two of the four books I had on my March TBR which is honestly better than I do a lot of the time because I’m such a fickle mood reader! I was lucky to get a copy of The Rise of Skywalker Novelisation early which helped as I didn’t have to choose between reading that or playing Animal Crossing for very long!

Books I’ve brought/received. 

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare – Decided to order this the day before it came out after deciding I wouldn’t buy it for months beforehand. I caved when I realised there were special first editions.
The Deck of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman – GIFTED from Titan books.
Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston – GIFTED from Quirk Books
RWBY Official Manga: Vol 1 – Red Like Roses – Spotted this in Waterstones after having gone in for something else and couldn’t help myself.
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker expanded edition by Rae Carson – Again, went into Waterstones for one thing and came out with this.
Emily Eternal by M.G Wheaton – I managed to acquire one of the very pretty arc editions of this from a friend on Twitter.
Dragon Age; Tevinter Nights Anthology – GIFTED from Titan Books
Star Wars: The Queens Shadow by E.K. Johnston – Treated myself to this when I had to go into self-isolation.

Shows I’ve seen.

Picard. I would like to rewind time and watch the entire series again, please? I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this show but now that we’ve seen the whole thing (well, the first series at least) I can say for certain that I loved it. I wasn’t sure it could live up to Discovery for me, which I adored but honestly, it’s just as good just in a different way.

Duck Tales. This is not one I expected to be writing about and not one I’ve seen the whole of as I wasn’t particularly interested, it was more something we put on for my little one to watch, then Chris started watching too as he loved the old series, then I started watching it too and it was actually really good.

Tangled the series. I had been meaning to watch this for ages and with the launch of Disney Plus I have now finally started it and I’m already absolutely loving it. Cassandra is life.

Films I’ve seen.

Nothing new this month I don’t think but I did watch Ice Princess and both Princess Diaries films in one afternoon/evening with Chris about a week into our self-isolation.

Games I’ve played. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I think it was fairly obvious that this section would probably only consist of one game (although I did play a bit of Stardew Valley at the beginning of the month) and honestly, this game has been the main reason I’ve stayed anything close to sane this past week. Doing my own thing and spending evenings with my friends in-game has been amazing and so incredibly fun. We’ve had themed evenings, games, evenings just wishing on shooting stars and chatting. It reminds me of the month when Pokemon Go first came out years ago and everyone was out together every evening just catching Pokemon and yeah it’s been unreal.

Anything else?

A lot of great games of Dungeons and Dragons have occurred this month, even my more laid back games have had some incredibly tense moments and there are a lot of feels which I am obviously living for. I actually started recording our Monday games and episode two just went live on YouTube a couple of days ago if that’s something you’re interested in you can find the video below! (Warning there is some bad language).

For now though, happy April 1st, with any luck my tiny April TBR will be up tomorrow and then everything will be back to normal next week. Take care and stay safe.


Monthly Wrap up, spoiler free

February Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap up

So after January somehow took a million years we’re pretty much done with February already which feels like madness. I feel like I haven’t really stopped this month but I have enjoyed making some space for some new hobbies.

Currently Reading:
Heartstopper Vol 3 
by Alice Oseman. I’m loving this series SO very much and this third volume is a chunky one that I’ve not had time to sit down and read in one sitting for a change which has felt weird but I’m absolutely loving it so far and there have been some fantastic moments in it.

Books I’ve read:  
The Unspoken Name by A.K Larkwood
I’ve not had much reading time this month as a lot of other stuff as taken up my time (mainly Dungeons and Dragons I’m not gonna lie) and has it was half term I didn’t think I would get a lot read. I really loved this book though!

Changes from TBR?  
Not hugely. I knew I wouldn’t get much reading this month and as I’m currently reading Heartstopper Vol 3, the only thing I haven’t read from this months TBR is Unspeakable but I plan to get to it asap.

Books I’ve brought/received:
The Burning World
– I received this from the lovely Jenn at Jenniley. 
 – Gifted from Titan Books
 – Gifted from Titan Books
Heartstopper Vol 3
 – I received this with my ticket to the Alice Oseman event in London
Maximum Ride
 – Brought this on a whim at 3am. Hope I like it though!


Shows I’ve seen:
– The newer episodes of these have been AMAZING. I’ve really loved getting to know the characters and I’m a little obsessed with Rios and his plethora of EMH’s.

RWBY – A couple of my online friends were talking about this and I decided to give it a try and AHH I’m so glad they did because I’m absolutely loving it! I love pretty much ALL of the characters and although some of the animation is hilariously hinky in places and some of the writing is really cheesy it’s absolutely my kind of cheese. Not to mention I’m obsessed with all of the outfits and hairstyles and the ‘banter’ is spot on and hilarious. I’m really glad I gave it a go!

Films I’ve seen:
Your Name
 – Another film recommended by a friend that I decided to give a go and again, I am obsessed. This film is absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. I sobbed so much watching it (all three times) and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get over it. It’s already made its way into my list of favourite films.

Games I’ve played:
 – I’ve continued playing Pokemon Shield this month and it is gorgeous. I’ve not played it in a week or so as I’ve just not had time but I can’t wait to get back to it and hopefully finish all the gyms before Animal Crossing comes out next month!

Stardew Valley – Obviously I’ve been playing Stardew Valley. I’ve been severely neglecting my single player game but in my multiplayer game I’ve started dating Shane and I’m really glad I decided to try building up my friendship and romance with him because his story is so sad but I’m loving watching it progress.

Animal Crossing – I maaay have dipped back into Animal Crossing: New Leaf for a bit this month through sheer frustration of waiting for New Horizons but discovered I didn’t have much to do after playing it so much for so long I’ve done a lot of the things for progression so I spent most of it just fishing and catching up with my favourite villagers.

Anything else?
Alice Oseman Heartstopper Vol 3 Event – 
I loved going to London for the Heartstopper vol 3 event! I spent my afternoon chilling out and visiting the Science Museum which was lovely and then met some lovely people at the event (Sabina, you’re amazing!) Not to mention the event itself was lovely. I do wish I’d had a better nights sleep beforehand though, not to mention I also lost my Bluetooth headphones!

Painting – I’m not very arty and I can’t draw for the life of me but I’ve been doing some work with acrylic later when I’ve been feeling inspired and I’m happy with a few of the pieces I’ve done. Including a piece inspired by Your Name and one depicting some events that happened in one of my rather emotional sessions of D&D.

Dungeons and Dragons – So I know I play this all the time and this isn’t really new but I have started recording and editing our Monday sessions which tend to be the emotional roller coaster ones. It’s been a lovely distraction when things have been too much and if you wanted to check it out you can find it here.

So that has been the month of February! It’s gone by so fast and I feel like I’ve missed a bunch of stuff but it’s been a good one! How was your February?

Monthly Wrap up

January 2020 Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap up

Somehow we’ve finally made it to the end of January and is it just me or did it feel more like three months as opposed to one? Things have somehow been crazy busy here but I’ve still read a few books, watched a few shows here and there so it’s time for the first wrap up post of the year!

Currently reading. 
The Unspoken Name by A.K Larkwood. I was so incredibly lucky to receive an ARC copy of this from the lovely Jamie-Lee at Tor UK and let me tell you I am loving having an Orc heroine! It’s early days yet but I’m enjoying to so far!

Books I’ve read. 

The God Game by Danny Tobey
This was a great and interesting read that kept me on the edge of my seat, I really enjoyed it.
Someone give this heart a pen by Sophia Thakur
My first poetry read of the year and certainly not my last, a powerful and inspiring book.
Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman
I feel so blessed to have been able to read this early, I adored this book and I can’t wait for its official release so you can all love it too.

The Stars we Steal by Alexa Donne
Jane Austen in space with a dating competition of sorts, yes, please. Another great book that I really liked, review to come next week!

Changes from monthly TBR? 
I definitely think I was a little over-ambitious with my January TBR. I ended up reading some different books as well. Time caught up with me and I realised I had Harley in the Sky to get read asap and so that joined the list too and was probably my favourite read this month, maybe on par with the Stars we Steal. I then started an online “how to make a poem” course with future learn and decided since it had been a while since I had read any collections it would be a good time to read this powerful book gifted to me by Walker Books, I also did start The Unspoken Name while I waited for The Stars we Steal to arrive and will get back to it first thing next month.

Books I’ve brought/received. 
The end of December and beginning of January kind of blurred together so this may not be entirely accurate.

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski
Star Wars: Myths and Fables by George Mann
Stars Wars: From a certain point of view by various authors
The Stars we Steal by Alexa Donne -Gifted from Titan Books
Bone Silence Alastair Reynolds – Gifted from Gollancz
Magicat by Jennifer Gray and Amanda Swift – Gifted from Barrington Stoke
Library of the Unwritten by A.J Hackwith – Gifted from Titan Books

Shows I’ve seen 
I’m more into Star Wars and my husband is more into Star Trek but we do both share a love of  Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Discovery so we figured we’d try Trek spin-off show Picard out despite both of us never having seen a huge amount of The Next Generation (he’s seen a lot more of it than me though) and I’m really glad we did. The production alone was breathtaking and I find the story intriguing (if perhaps a little confusing for me at first). I love the characters and I’m really excited for the next episode already.

Films I’ve seen 
No new films this month I don’t think (or at least not any memorable for me to remember that we watched them apparently).I

Games I’ve played
Fitness Boxing
 I’m using Fitness Boxing to work out every day and it’s both hard work and really satisfying, I love that it keeps track of your daily streak and seems to be really tailored to the type of workout you want. I wish I’d got it on sale but am still happy with it and hoping to keep at it as I don’t really have the time to go to the gym or pool much right now.

Stardew Valley  
Got back into Stardew Valley this month after quite a while away and I’ve been sucked right back in! I forgot how much I missed this damn game and just how easy it was to get pulled back into playing it for hours on end, especially when you have friends to play it with.

Warcraft III Reforged 
The original Warcraft III was one of, if not, the first game I ever really got into on the PC (yes, even before Diablo) and when they announced at Blizzcon a couple of years back in 2018 that they would be releasing a new and graphically improved version, including new missions and features I was incredibly excited. It only officially released a couple of days ago so I haven’t played a huge amount of this yet but I’m already loving being back in the lore and playing one of my favourite games that drags me back to my childhood.

Pokemon Shield 
After deliberating if I would even be purchasing this at any point, I finally caved and got Pokemon Shield last week. I kept telling myself I probably wouldn’t enjoy it because it’s the same thing and the same story over and over again, not to mention that the new Pokemon are getting a little ridiculous now. Months after its release, however, I found myself still pinning after the damn thing and after some gentle persuasion I just decided to the damn thing. I finally started playing it last night and OH MY GOSH it is absolutely gorgeous and it’s just come on so far from the last time I properly played on of these games (Pokemon Pearl I believe) that I can’t help but be charmed by it and I think I’m going to be sinking a lot of hours into this game over the next month or so, definitely enough to tide me over until the Animal Crossing release in March I think.

Anything else?
After discovering a live performance of “Ex-Wives” from the new musical “Six” this month I finally checked out the full album as it was on Itunes Music and I am utterly obsessed with it. I listen to the whole thing at least once a day and am hoping to see it live at some point later this year.

So, that was my January; I hope you’ve had a good month too and that you enjoyed the new format I’ve decided to go for in regards to my wrap-ups now that I’ve brought them back. I know we all love books and hey this is primarily a book blog after all but I know we all have other interests as well and I thought it would be fun to share my favourites. Tell me in the comments, one thing, bookish or not, that you enjoyed this month!




Monthly Wrap up, spoiler free

June Wrap Up

Okay so I haven’t done a wrap-up since my first one in March for some reason, June though, seems like a good month to finally give it another go perhaps? As I keep saying, things have been a little hectic lately and will hopefully start to calm down for a bit over the next few weeks but we’ll see. Despite the crazy though I have managed to get some books read, some more TV shows watched and even a film! I also decided to start including books I’ve brought or received in my wrap-ups too as I thought it would be interesting. So long June, enjoy your last days.

Currently reading

Wastelands: The New Apocolypse by various authors
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Books that I’ve read

Nexus by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings (Reviewed) XXXX
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga by Stuart Moore (Reviewed) XXXX
Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare (Reviewed) XXXX
The Girl in Red by Christina Henry (Reviewed) XXXXX
The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie (Review to come soon!) XXXX


Books that I brought or received

Zenith and Nexus by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings
The Chosen and The Novice by Taran Matharu
The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie
Wastelands: New Apocolypse by various authors – Review Copy
X-Men: Days of Future Past by Alex Irvine – Review Copy
Heartstream by Tom Pollock – Review Copy
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Men in Black International: The Official Movie Novelization by R.S Belcher – Review Copy

Into the Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo
I was lucky enough to win my copy of the Into the Crooked Place arc at the Out of this Galaxy YA event (blog recap coming soon) and I’m SO excited to read it!


X-Men: Dark Phoenix – XX
I did not enjoy this film. I had been so incredibly excited about it but it just didn’t meet any of my expectations. I know you should hold remakes or retellings at different standards to their original forms but damn there was just so much wrong with this film, not to mention the fact that they screw with and mess up their own timeline? On the bright side, it did make me go back and enjoy X-Men: The Last Stand a lot more because although that didn’t fit as well either it did, for me, do a better job. Full review to come of this soon possibly.

TV Shows

Good Omens XXXXX
Damn this show. I have so much stuff to watch but I’ve just been watching this over and over. Odds are if I’m not watching it I’m probably thinking about it. I’m sad to say I hadn’t read the book before, I did start reading it beforehand with the idea that I wouldn’t watch past the first episode until I’d finished the book but I just couldn’t help myself. I have so many feelings about this show and it’s bittersweet but perfect six episodes single season and most of them are just joy or joy adjacent to be quite frank. I think I actually swooned and clutched my chest in episode three. If you haven’t checked out this show I highly recommend it, it’s addictive, beautiful, funny, quirky and honestly inspiring.

Shadowhunters Season 4 Ep 9-14 XXXX
After finishing Queen of Air and Darkness (at last), I decided to revisit the Shadowhunters TV show as it’s finished now I can see how it ends! I’d heard some people compare parts of the ending to parts of the ending for QoAaD so wanted to wait until I’d finished it to check it out although I have had two bits spoilt for me already (my fault for not keeping up and/or muting the hashtags etc). I’m enjoying it, these past few episodes have been really good, I’m especially loving what they’ve done with Johnathan although it’s really making me miss Sebastian, especially as Johnathan mentions when he met him *crying face*

American Gods S1, Ep 1 XXX
Chris wanted more after Good Omens as he’s not a big rewatcher so I suggested trying American Gods as it was by Neil Gaiman and had a similar, if not certainly more adult, quirky feel and I think he enjoyed it? I did although it’s probably not a show I’m rushing to watch as it didn’t grab me hugely but that’s probably the aesthetic and my personal taste more than anything else. I’ve also been listening to the Audiobook and have become super attached to the voice actors in that, the Mr Wednesday though is pretty amazing and I’ll certainly get around to watching more at some point.

It’s been a pretty good month, Good Omens has kind of blown everything out of the water for me at the moment, to be honest. I have really enjoyed the books I’ve read and I’m loving the different stories in Wastelands: The New apocalypse, I never realised just how broad the dystopian genre could be.  I’m hoping to keep the wrap-ups a bit more regular now with any luck as I’m really enjoying putting them together!

What book, show or film has really stood out for you this month?


Monthly Wrap up, Uncategorized

March Wrap Up

I don’t usually do wrap-ups but as this month I didn’t manage to find the space for a monthly TBR post I decided to try one. Most of the books I’ve read this month have been reviewed here already so I won’t go into huge detail but just thought it would be nice to have it all in one place, in addition, I also wanted to include not just books but other forms of media I’ve enjoyed too. I’m not sure yet if this will be an every month occurrence yet or just a one-off for March but let me know if you enjoy it and we’ll see where it goes!


The Near Witch by V.E Schwab XXXX (Spoiler free review here)
A brand new reprinting of V.E Schawb’s debut novel, The Near Witch is an absolute gem. It’s dark and spooky with the perfect amount of angst and a little romance. This debut, although not as polished as her later works it still very decidedly hers though and well worth a read even if you’ve read it before as this new version, in addition to being absolutely gorgeous also features an extra short story “Ash born boy” which was fantastic and well deserving of a XXXXX rating all of it’s own.

Firefly: The Magnificent Nine by Jame Lovegrove XXXXX (Spoiler free review here)
This was such a fun book to read, a fantastic tie in to the original TV series and although it certainly is an enjoyable book to read without any prior knowledge of the show its crowning glory is the brilliant way James has managed to really capture the whole feeling of the show and it’s world as well as it’s characters as well as giving us a deeper look into those characters in a way we weren’t able to get through the media of television but translates easily to the written word. A must for Firefly fans especially is Jayne Cobb is your favourite. I also did a Q&A with James which you can check out here.

Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy XXXXX (Spoiler free review here)
The only words to do this justice are ones I’ve already used in my full review…SWORDS, JOUSTING, SPACESHIPS, STRONG QUEER WOMEN, TEENAGE MERLIN, GORGEOUS FLUIDS AND NON BINARIES, MAGIC, ANGST, SEXUAL TENSION AND DID I MENTION THIS IS MOSTLY SET IN SPACE BECAUSE YES. Once and Future absolutely blew my mind, it riled me up, it crushed my heart then it brought me back, shoved a sword in my hand and it told me to go save the world. This is an absolute whirlwind of a book and despite the King Arthur type story, or even the reincarnation of King Arthur, Once and Future not only manages to feel new and unique, it feels damn well revolutionary. There is SO much fantastic rep to be found here and I honestly love it so damn much.

Currently reading: Summer Bird Blue By Dawn Akemi Bowman (Review to come soon!)
I’m SO close to finishing this book right now! I wasn’t sure how I would feel jumping from sci-fi into contemporary which isn’t my favourite of genres but Akemi has excelled once again, as with Starfish it explores complicated feelings and relationships and how her characters deal with those, in the case of Summer Bird Blue, Rumi loses her sister and is consumed by not only the sadness that we often associate with grief but also the anger and resentment we feel as well. A spectacular, moving story that I know is going to continue to break my heart.


The Conjuring 2
The start of a slippery slope deciding to try out a horror film as I don’t ever really watch them at home but thought heck why not. This was actually really great. It had some great twists and a nice variety of different scares with the story actually being really interesting and making me really want to watch the third one now.

Don’t Knock Twice
Second horror film after the first one went so well, the trailer was pretty damn creepy and this one definitely had some moments and I actually screamed once but honestly, there was just too much talking for my liking and I did nod off a little once or twice.

The Lego Movie 2
My four year old has recently become obsessed with the first lego movie and it’s accompanying video game so we took a trip to the cinema together to check out the second film and it was fantastic, I really liked the first one and this sequel did not disappoint. It made fun of itself, there were some genuinely sad moments, some great twists and in the vein of the big twist/reveal at the end of the first one we got another great reveal that had been hinted at throughout the film and was done really well. I also have to say that I’m in love with the soundtrack and downloaded it the moment I got home, the catchy song is fantastic as is a slightly different version of “everything is awesome” towards the end of the film and the song that plays over the credits is just gold. Definitely, want to see this again.

On my Sci-fi kick and when trying to decide on a film to watch this one really seemed interesting and was one we both hadn’t seen before and decided to try out. Really glad we did, I wasn’t sure what direction it would take and it definitely surprised me. Not to mention there was an android I got attached to. This film really went to places I wouldn’t have guessed and ended up being pretty thought-provoking and harrowing in places while also being sweet as well as having a good amount of action when the need called for it. Will be watching this one again as well.

TV Shows

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2 episodes 7-9
I have absolutely loved getting to see young, slightly crazy, hot Spock with a beard these past few episodes and it’s been super interesting finding out what really happened to him, not to mention we got to see parts that directly connect to the very first episode of the original series. Also I can’t help it but every episode I have to tell Chris (the husband) how much I just adore Captain Pike, he’s just so wholesome while also being a little damaged by his past and he’s just such a perfect character and Anson Mount has done an amazing job at portraying him, he’s an absolute gem.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post from me, I enjoyed writing it and recapping my month. Where there any particular stories that you loved this month? Tell me all about them!