Book Ratings / Classifications

You may have noticed my ratings look a little different, no stars here. Books are dangerous creatures and we adhere to a strict classification system for your own safety. Below you will find a summary for each category to help you better understand what you’re undertaking when you take one of these fascinating beasts into your home.


Usually a known feels destroyer / Impossible to train or domesticate. These books are highly recommenced (with caution). I’ve found these books immensely enjoyable and you’ll have a hard time stopping me from gushing about them.


Dangerous / Requires “specialist knowledge” / Skilled reader may handle. Usually a very good book but often let down by certain issues. Still a good read but not perfect.


Competent reader should cope. Not bad but not good either. I may have enjoyed certain parts of this book but found there was a fair bit I didn’t like or had issues with.


Harmless / May be domesticated. Left no lasting impact, unenjoyable.


Boring. Unreadable. Probably did not finish.