S4S – Bookish Habits

Six for Sunday

Happy Six for Sunday! The weekly challenge were we give six answers to the prompt form the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot. This week the prompt is Bookish Habits.

Stalling when reading the last 100 pages or so of a book. 
I only realised that I actually did this last year but no matter how much I’m loving a book I always slow down and procrastinating reading the last 100 pages or so because I don’t want it to end! I’m especially bad if it’s the end of a series too as I’m almost always disappointed with the ending of last books.

Buying SO many books and taking forever to read them. 
I love buying books; buying books makes me happy but damn I have a really bad habit of buying them and then taking an absolute age to read them because I get distracted by something else. This has happened so much in the last three or four months especially!

Reading while I’m eating meals. 
I know this is super rude and I don’t do it if I’m out with friends or if my husband isn’t doing something as equally anti-social during dinner but pretty much every other time I’m eating a meal I am doing so one-handed because there is a book, e-reader or my phone (kindle app) in my other hand. This started when I used to work in an independent shop when I didn’t want to choose between eating and reading time on my lunch break and so just…did both. Now meal times is one of the most peaceful times for me to read!

Using random things as bookmarks when I have a perfectly good (and substantial) collection of ACTUAL bookmarks.  
I have HEAPS of bookmarks and loads of different kinds to suit my mode. Most of them are in a pot on one of my bookshelves so they’re not hard to get to or anything but SO often I just tend to grab whatever is closest instead, including a (clean) fork once!

Reading for an hour and then falling asleep.  
This one drives me CRAZY! I’m really loving a book, I don’t have anything planned that evening so I can spend the evening reading my book right? WRONG. I get maybe forty-five minutes to an hour in and I start doing those long blinks, my head tilts and I do that annoying thing where you fall asleep for a second then wake yourself up. This happens on repeat until I give up and do something else. (This also happens when I game sometimes and is just as annoying).

“I’m not requesting any more books” *Goes on Netgalley to check one thing…requests another five books.” 
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this! I just can’t help myself!

Do you have any of the same bookish habits? Good or bad! Let me know!



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