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The Quiz at the End of the World

To celebrate the release of The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James (out tomorrow! March 7th) Walker Books brought together Lauren James (obviously), Non Pratt, Alice Oseman and acting as host Sanne Vliegenthart (books and quills) for a panel and quiz followed by a signing and Q&A session aptly named, The Quiz at the End of the World.

I love attending events Waterstones Piccadilly and this one was no exception, I went on my own for a change but still managed to meet up with loads of other lovely attendees including some fellow bloggers, three of which joined me in becoming a team in the quiz! (Thank you, Nicola, from Fantastic Book Dragon, Faye from Daydreamers thoughts and Madeline from Ramblings Mads).

The event consisted of a panel first where the authors answered some great questions from Sanne, then onto the Quiz portion of the event which involved a round of guessing book covers and emoji book titles and then answering questions from Lauren, it was a super hard YA quiz which was fun but made me realise just how broad YA really is, I don’t read a lot of contemporary so didn’t managed to contribute loads (other than one Twilight question) but did found out who Lara Jean ends up at with at the end of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved before books which was my favourite spoiled I’ve ever received. After the quiz came a Q&A session where we could ask the authors questions and again this was really fun, you could really tell these authors obviously knew each other and got on well outside of this environment as well as they just gelled together so well and it made it so much fun as well as getting a little deep when we got onto the topic of who YA is really aimed at and how little input teenagers have in it which is crazy when they’re essentially the target audience.

The signing happened after and this was lovely as usual too, it was nice and relaxed and allowed us time to chat with each author as well which was lovely. All in all a great event and possibly one of my favourite panels, definitely one I would listen to again for sure.

I did film a little video with some of my journey and the panel itself as well as some of the Q&A after, I don’t like to film the entire thing as I think it’s rude but I did manage to get some of the really good moments, I apologise for the occasional cough as I was (and still am) getting over a horrid cold/sore throat thing at the moment, still I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek into the evening, there is no footage of the quiz as understandably phones were not allowed in case of cheating but I did film some of the Q&A as well.

Speaking of Q&A, to continue with our week-long celebration of The Quiet at the End of the World tomorrow I’m lucky enough to be able to bring you a Q&A session with Lauren herself! So I hope you enjoy the video from the event and will see you back here tomorrow!

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