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S4S – Bookish Hates

And lo, behold another Sunday is upon us. It’s a cold and miserable one here and although I’m not hungover I did make the mistake of crawling home around 2:30 this morning so if this post doesn’t seem especially coherent please forgive me. This weeks Six for Sunday prompt is Bookish Hates and I wasn’t sure I was going to do this one as I like to keep my blog as positive or at least as neutral as possible and a whole post dedicated to things I hate sounds like the literal opposite but then I realised that getting it out there can be a positive experience in itself so maybe it won’t be so bad? Lets’s find out shall we?

1. Stupidly long books.
There’s nothing wrong with really long books, don’t get me wrong. A lot of people love them and that’s understandable but for me personally I’ve realised recently that I find it hard to enjoy crazy long books for a few reasons; I find them uncomfortably to read – I still haven’t finished Kingdom of Ash because reading it is physically painful, let alone Queen of Air and Darkness. I get bored – no matter the content it seems my attention span is just not cut out for huge tomes for some reason and my focus drifts and I miss things or just stop reading due to lack of interest and my tastes change to often, as a mood reader I’m finding it super difficult when I’m half way through a huge high fantasy book and end up wishing I was reading Sci-Fi which happens a ridiculous amount.

2. New book, who dis? This one is probably unreasonable but I hate when you start a sequel and you seem to have forgotten absolutely everything that happened in any books that came before. I loved that in the third book in the Rebel trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton we got a list of one sentence character descriptions and a little rundown of previous events and it really enhanced the reading experience for me. I know a lot of people like to reread before but I just don’t have the time. I know it’s difficult to sum up a large series like Throne of Glass for example but a character list at in Kingdom of Ash would have been great as I literally had to google a couple of characters because I had no idea who they were?

3. Stickers on books!! These make me so mad. Both the stickers that can be peeled off and the printed ones that cannot be removed and utterly ruin a cover. My special edition copy of of Queen of Air and Darkness with it’s pretty foil rune cover has a small rip in the foiling because there was a stupid sticker on it that I removed. Even the covers that it’s really easy to remove stickers from suffer, often the stickers leave residue and fluff and stuff gets stuck to said residue and you’re left with a dirty fluffy mark instead.

4. EVERYTHING IS FINE. This is another one that not everyone will probably agree with and it’s probably kind of stupid but I hate what I’ve come to call the Everything is fine syndrome. I can think of some prime examples but I wouldn’t want to spoil them for people who hadn’t seen them already so I’ll do my best to explain without examples. The Everything is Fine syndrome is when some bad stuff goes down and it’s bad on a high scale, there are huge risks being taken, things are dangerous and you’re excited and terrified of what is to follow because you know not everyone will make it out and it heightens the events that take place, these are some of my favourite parts of a book (I love me some angst and emotional turmoil), then usually someone does “die” or they get really hurt etc but then for whatever, often for some super convenient reasons they aren’t actually dead or it was all a dream or they go back in time or if there are loads of fake outs and everyone ends up totally fine, not even really injured or much changed etc. This sounds really bad I know and I’m not proud of it but it really REALLY bugs me and there’s a series of books that I love and it’s almost a relief when everyone is okay the first few times but by the last book is actually kind of annoyed me. Apparently I just love books making me feel pain? (See last weeks Bookish Loves post)

5. Switching POV’s without warning. This one probably sounds silly too but there’s very little I hate more when reading when I’m really getting into the part I’m reading then without any kind of ceremony the next paragraph in the chapter I’m reading is a new point of view. It’s a little easier to forgive in third person narrative but in first person it will sometimes genuinely throw me and I’m pulled out of the flow of the story trying to figure out who’s part I’m reading and often I’ve already read some that I’ve imagined coming from the previous character because the narrative switch is often not obvious enough. In the book I’m reading now each chapter alternates between POV’s and even better, each one has their name at the head of the chapter too or I would have no clue as both characters have similar language and mannerisms. A couple of books I’ve read lately have had this problem and it’s really had an affect on how much I enjoy the story as a result.

6. Cover changes midway through a series! I think this may have been my first proper bookish hate that I can remember. I had been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books and I was excited for the newest one to come out at the time, I think it may have been the first non Harry Potter or Maria Snyder book I’d ever preordered and when I went to collect it I told the bookseller there must have been a mistake because the cover was wrong. Instead of the typical half face illustration on all of the others up until that point it was, what looked like a promo picture from the second or third season of the True Blood TV show which was LOOSELY based around the books. A cover change is bad enough but when there are characters on the cover that either literally don’t exist in the books or characters that died at the end of book one who survived in the show. I went to a music concert straight after with my little brother and apparently I was grumpy all evening because of that stupid book cover. I was so mad. Not entirely the same thing but was it me or did it seem like all the Mortal Instruments books different random sizes when they came out? The last few at least drove me to insanity.

Okay so that actually felt pretty liberating. I would say these are mostly annoyances than hates (other than that DAMN book cover!) Let me know what your bookish hates are! Are there any in my list that particularly resonate with you?


3 thoughts on “S4S – Bookish Hates”

  1. Totally agree with the cover changes; it’s so frustrating! And that’s a really good point about having character lists, especially for long series’ like Throne of Glass! Robin Stevens does that at the beginning of all her books and it’s so useful 🙂

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