S4S – Bookish Loves

How is it the end of the week already? I’ve been so busy I have no idea where the time has gone!! This week’s prompt for Six For Sunday by Steph from A Little but A lot is “Bookish Loves” and I’ve been trying to decide how to interrupt this all week but I’ve just decided to make six points and go with whatever comes to mind when I think of the phrase Bookish Love.

1.Kick-ass Space Operas. Especially Space Opreas that involve a rag tag crew, ideally they kick a lot of butt and are a bit morally grey but stick it to the man. Once Febuary comes around I am sticking my head into all the books with this troupe that I can get hold of, I’ve already got three or four lined up but more on that in the next couple of weeks!

2. Love/Hate/Want. One of my favourite, and admittedly not healthy love interest interactions I’ve come to realise is absolutely the “I hate you so bad but I want you so much and I hate it” troupe. Obviously this is not something I want mirrored in real life relationships but thats why we have books and Kylo Ren.  I’m not sure weather to blame Adam Driver or Holly Black for this, maybe we can even go as far back as blaming L.J Smith in the first few Vampire Diaries Books for Damon Salvatore? Who knows? What I do know is that “Kiss me until I’m sick of it” is my one of my new favouite bookish quotes.

3. Bookish Mail. I know this is probably a given but I’ve had some fantatsic bookish mail recently and it’s such an amazing feel when you get a package from a publishing company or author, especially with the whole ARC debate going on around Twitter recently that they decided to effectively spend money to print this book for me. I know it’s not exactly like that but that’s the feeling I get when I see my lovely postie at my door with a jiffy bag and a smile on her face because she knows how excited I get about it too.

4. Reccomending Books. This is especially true if said person then likes and/or loves said book. Almost every week I reccomend books when I write reviews for them but outside of that fairly removed platform where I can feel like I’m shouting THIS BOOK IS AWESOME YOU SHOULD BUY IT into the void – until someone replies and then I panic, when I reccomend books face to face I panic – I wonder what if this person won’t actually like the book and I’ve RUINED BOOKS FOR THEM FOREVER!!! Okay I’m being a bit dramatic but that’s how my brain works sometimes. It can also be the best feeling along with being terrified, like so many things are, especially when someone specfically asks your personal opinion it makes me want to do a happy cry and don’t even get me started on when said people enjoy said books, that literally IS the best.

5. Just looking at my books. This one probably sounds a little strange but I love looking at all of the books on my bookcase because, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I own more books I’ve not yet read than I have, they make me feel this strange mix of happiness, excitement and calm. I look at them and feel all the memories of reading them and the anticipation of all those I’ve yet to read and the potential there. I think this is one of the reason my bedroom is my favourite place to read, because that’s where all my bookcases are.

6. Being absolutely destroyed by a book. As strange as it sounds I love it when a book pretty much rips my heart out or smacks me in the back of a head with a plot twist I didn’t see coming. I think you only feel that strongly about a book you really enjoy and these are both good signs of a good book for me personally, not that everything has to be full of twists or turns but when they’re there I want them to make sense but also take me completely unawares.

Let me know what your Bookish loves are?


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