S4S – Blogging highlights of 2018

I know I always say “oh this prompt will be easy this week” and then end  up admiting it turns out it was harder than I had realised but I’ve had the best time blogging this past year that I should be able to think of six blogging highlights no problem at all.

First Requested ARC
I recieved my very first requested ARC this year and it felt pretty monumental for me to be good enough to be chosen to recieve one! I had ARCs from YALC the year previously but this year was the first time I had emailed and requested on then recieved it. This felt like a pretty big milestone for me and certainly raised my confidence when it came to requesting in the future.

Blogger Lists
This year as I’ve branched out into blogging more I decided to apply for a few blogger lists and I made it onto four different ones!  I still can’t believe it, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Attended my first invite only blogger event
The first blogger list I made it onto was Gollancz/Orion and as a result I’ve been invited to and attented a couple of events this year as you may have seen from my previous blog posts, I’m so grateful and humbled to be able to attend these events, meet publicitsts, authors and other bloggers as well as learning about all the great new books coming out soon and in the near future.

Attending YALC as a blogger
I enjoyed YALC last year when I was starting out as a YouTuber but this year as a blogger and having had my toe in the water, as it were, for a whole extra year just made the whole experience so much better, I knew about all the publishers etc that were in attendance, I knew a lot more about the authors who were attending and it was lovely to meet other bloggers en masse, either for the first time or putting names to faces of the blogs I follow and read online already. There were problems with the weekend certainly but for me it was probably one of my best weekends of the year by far.

Taking part in blog tours
Again this might not be a big thing for people who have been blogging longer but I was so excited to be involved with multiple blog tours this year, I’ve been able to read some fantatsic books and I love being able to promote them and blog tours is one of my favourite ways to do so, I think my favourite so far has been Skyward, the newest book by Brandon Sanderson where I got to kick start the blog tour on the day of release.

Blogging about Star Wars for an entire week
If you know much about me at all, you’ll probably know I love Star Wars and Ihad SO MUCH FUN just spending an entire week blogging about Star Wars and I’m honestly thinking about doing it again next year. My favourite post in particuar was about The Women of Star Wars, I loved catolouging some of my favourite characters from the Star Wars universe and loved the nostaglia as I got to write about these brilliant fictional women, a good few of which helped to shape the person I wanted to be as I grew up.

That may have actually been the easiest Six for Sunday post I’ve written to date! I didn’t even mention Illuminae, Starfish or The Loneliest Girl in the Universe once…apart from just then of course but I’m not going to count that. Thank you so much for checking out y post and I’ll be back with a spoiler free review for you Tuesday as normal. Take care!

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