S4S – Dream Bookish Panels and Events

Turns out its Sunday again already! That means its time for another Six for Sunday prompt from Steph at AlittleButALot. This week is dream panels and events, I haven’t been to a huge amount of either but I thought about ones I would absolutely love to see and/or take part in and here we are!


Picture from my favourite panel so far, ladies in space!


STEM in YA Panel – I would love a panel with the likes of Lauren James (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe), Joelle Charbonnea (The Testing)Julie Chibbaro (Deadly) and  Annabel Monaghan (A Girl Named Digit) talking about the importance of STEM and how it has aided and affected their characters and writing.

Bookish Dungeons and Dragons – We’ve seen voice actors, youtubers and artists play D&D now it’s time for the bookish community! Can you imagine an author DM’ing a game set in a world they created or playing one of their characters? Not to mention us bookish types have experienced so many great stories that we could draw one for this!

Self-Published Comic Creators Panel and or Event  – I’ve been reading a lot of comics recently that have been written, drawn, printed and distributed by one person and I’m totally in awe. I would love to see a panel where we talk about this and perhaps an event where these creators can promote their work?

Retellings panel – Retellings are all the rage at the moment (I don’t think I can remember when they weren’t to be honest) and I enjoy some of the really different takes we’ve been getting! My dream panel would probably be Louise O Neil, Alexandra Christo, Brigid Kemmerer and Marissa, Meyer

Bookish LARP? – Maybe not actual LARP in a cold dank field but more some kind of training event like the hour workshop with Ed McDonald that was at YALC this year. I feel like it would be great fun to get in some clubs specialising in different martial fields such as duelling, archery, martial arts etc.

Warcraft books panel – Probably consisting of Christie golden, Richard A Knak, Aaron Rosenberg and Chris Metzen. A lot of the Wacraft books tend to get overlooked as actual stories because they are not self contained in that they are based in a work created for a video game but I would love to hear some of these amazing writers talk about their work.

This was much harder than I thought it would be but defintley some panels events I would absoloutleey love to see! Thank you for checking out this weeks #SixForSunday post, I look forward to reading everyone elses today as this is a really interesting one that really got me thinking!



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