tbr thursday

TBR Thursday – September

41257907_544949169272346_2817201184115261440_nA new month is here and with it a new attempt at a monthly TBR. Being a mood reader it’s hard to stick to much of a TBR at times but it went fairly well last month so fingers crossed it goes just as well this month!

Currently Reading:
One Way by James Morden
I’m enjoying One Way but finding myself with a little less time to read now I’m writing so although I absolutely plowed through the first half the second half is taking me a little longer.

Whats Next?

Mirror Mirror by Cara Delevingne
One of my books from the summer secret santa exchange and the perfect way to round off my whodunnit phase and ease me back into YA for…

The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli
I started reading this after getting a copy in FairyLoot last this year but I just haven’t got back around to it, I have trouble reading hardbacks and this really slowed me down with it but I’m super stoked to finally get into it after realising there are dragons.

Figure by Mazzy

The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli
The sequel but not sequel to The Last Namsara, I was lucky enough to be offered an advance copy of this book and a spot on the blog tour, the release date for The Caged Queen is September 25th though so I better get a move on, especially if I want to read the first book in the Iskari series first!

Vicious by V.E. Schwab
I keep going to start this book and getting distracted by something else but with Vengeful coming out in September as well it’s finally time to stop dawdling around and get this book read! Vicious like Nevernight is a book that seems like it will really appeal to me and that always makes me wary of books which is ludicrous I’m aware but like Nevernight (which I’ve also still not read) I’m worried that I’ve managed to over hype the book for myself so I’ve held off on it. I’ve already preordered Vengeful so lets hope I’m right and love Vicious.

Also featuring sneak peek of Overlord sampler by Sian Jefferson (more info soon!)

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
After reading the first few chapters I knew I would love this book but as part of a series during a time when I was really trying to not start a series it got left on the shelf for a bit longer. Now it seems I’ve left it so long that the TV show is coming out in around 19 days so I figure this was another book I needed to get a move on with. I’m hoping I’ve read enough to be able to at least watch the first episode of the show though as I’m sure there’s almost no way I’ll get through all of these books in time. I can dream though right?

None of these are particularly small books and the newest (and last) season of The Originals has just appeared on Netflix so I think I might need some serious luck to get through all of these books in less than a month so wish me luck and let me know what you are reading this month and if we have any of the same reads!

1 thought on “TBR Thursday – September”

  1. I definitely think if you liked Nevernight, you’ll enjoy Vicious! I hope you like it.
    I’ll be looking out for your thoughts on The Caged Queen. I have mixed feelings on The Last Namsara.

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