S4S -Favourite blog posts I’ve written


So todays Six for Sunday prompt is all about my blog! My six favourite blog posts I’ve ever written. I’ve been blogging properly since February this year which is only just about seven months. I really feel like I’ve grown over time and it was strange reading some of my older posts and noticing the differences. After much deliberation however these are (in no particular order other than I started back in Febuary and scrolled up) my six favourite blog posts.

1. Why I read YA at (almost) 30
This was (I believe) one of the first “think piece” type posts I wrote. I’m really proud of it and I’d love to write more as and when I have the time (potentially soon!) They say you never forget your first and I remember spending weeks going back forth with this, drafting and redrafting etc. It was certainly an experience and I still stand by it and am very proud of it.


2. The Women of Star Wars
I LOVE this post. Again I loved doing the reasearch for it as well but it was just so nice to go back and really realise just how many fantastic women we have in the Star Wars universe. Leia Organa was such an important part of my child hood, as were characters like Padme as I grew up and even now I’m so happy and thankful for Rey. This post helped me to celebrate the women I often saw as role models and were inspirational to me.

3. I like Twilight and I Hate Fandom Toxicity
This post was inspired by the Lovely Lydia at SilverWolfReads. I remember reading her Twilight post and realising just how crappy people are about not only Twilight but so many fandoms, book or otherwise to the people who love them. Gatekeeping and or putting down people’s hobbies and fandoms are something I am not on board with. Enjoy Love Island? It’s not my thing but I’m glad that you enjoy it! I remember cranking this post out in under half an hour in the end because my fingers just flew over the keys, I knew exactly what I wanted to say.


4. When Someone Reads a Book You Love
This post brought back a lot of lovely memories from when me and Chris were reading the Illuminae files books together. It was so much fun to watch him experience a book I had just read and loved while also coming to terms that not everyone will always like the same things as you and that’s totally okay.

5. S4S – Questions for Authors
This post was when I decided to tweet some of my favorite authors all the same question “What is your favorite thing about being an author” and it was so lovely and heart warming to see all the fantastic replies. This post is one of my most cherished posts and I find it’s also lovely to look back at when I’m having a particularly hard time writing.

6. The Exact Opposite of Okay Book Review
I had decided originally I wasn’t going to pick any of my reviews because although I may or may not have loved the books I feel the same about most of them in that I’m proud of them and they hold the memories of that book for me. My review for The Exact Opposite of Okay felt like much more than that and is my favourite review I’ve written to date which is why it’s made the list.


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about and maybe even reading my favorite blog posts! I don’t have loads of time to go through every single Six for Sunday post I see but I’m going to put a bit more time away this week to go through and read people’s top six blog posts because I feel like a really good way to get to know the people whose blogs I read daily.

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