To All The Books I’ve Loved Before – Book Tag


So like most of YA Twitter it seems I fallen head over heels in love with Peter Kavinsky/Lara Jean To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I don’t read loads of romantic or fluffy books but I do love the odd film like that (I’ve just watched Set It Up recently and LOVED it) and my husband loves them so it’s nice to watch a film together. As soon as I saw the trailer I knew we’d both love it and I love to be proven right. More on the film later though, today I want to do the To All The Books I’ve Loved Before book tag, created by Frankinesce (you can check out her video here) and inspired by the film.

I’m going to do a slightly different take on the original tag however and I’m going to write each of these five books a letter.

1. Kenny from Camp AKA your first book love
Dear Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith,
I first saw you in the paranormal romance section of my local library. I’d spent an entire year reading colourful Jacqueline Wilson books but something about your dark cover and lured me in. I was curious about vampires from seeing some films way too young and I found them a little fascinating so I decided to try you out. I fell hard and fast, I read the first book in under 24 hours and went back the next day for the second book, the library was closed the third day when I went back for the third book and it felt like forever before I finally got a hold of the third book which was my favourite so it was worth it. You were full of passion and forbidden love and a girl in love with two vampire brothers and although I guess Damon was my first real “Book Boyfriend” I was just as enamoured with the journey Elena went on, how it changed her and the power she could wield on her own as well as her strong connection with her friends. I can’t imagine ever not loving these books and they would continue to shape my reading tastes for years and years to come.

2. John Ambrose McClaren AKA the book that got away (a book that may not be your all time favorite now, but you’ll always love it)
Dear Twilight by Stephanie Meyer,
I remember night upon night refusing to sleep until I’d finished just one more chapter and waiting anxiously for the bookstore to open so I could get my hands on a copy of New Moon. It’s very hard to love a book when so many people insist on pointing out every single fault in it if you even whisper its name but we had some good times and I acknowledge your faults but will always love you anyway, sparkly vampires and all. I love the different characters and I loved that Bella was clumsy and awkward but could hold her own when the things she loved were threatened but that she wasn’t perfect and sometimes when people leave you it does feel like the end of the world for a while. I know we’re not as close as we were and probably won’t be again but I think of you often and I smile when I remember the times we had.

3. Lucas from Homecoming AKA your GBF (your favorite LGBTQ+ character or book)
Dear Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunters Books,
I know you and Alec are pretty well-known now, you’re even getting your own book series soon which is exciting but I can remember a time when it was still hard to find anyone in the books I read that loved and felt attraction regardless of gender like I did and I was pretty pleased that you fell in love with Alec but even more so when I realised you had loved Camille and others as well because it turned out that made us bisexual (or pan as I found out later) and it felt much better than trying to explain that I liked lots of different genders. Not just that but you were sassy and sarcastic and you were an actual character and not just a stereotype and I will always love and remember you.


4. Josh Sanderson AKA the book next door (a book that you’ll love no matter how many times you read it)
Dear Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff,
It took me far too long to finally get around to reading you and I regret that I waited so long because I know I would have read you even more by now. There is just something about you and your characters I never get tired of. I love flipping open your pages sometimes and just reading for a bit or if I can’t sleep I’ll often just put your audio book version on. You’re my go to when I have a book hangover or just when I miss Kady, Ezra and even AIDAN. I can’t imagine ever getting bored with you because it feels like there’s always more to explore and AIDANS words feel like poetry to me.

5. Peter Kavinsky AKA your one true book love
Dear Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder,
I really should buy a new copy of you, I’ve read you so many times that you’re literally falling apart. I remember clutching your battered pages two weeks after I’d had a really rough time giving birth to my son as I made my way to London to meet your author and get you signed because you and the other books in the series meant so much to me. I found you completely randomly out of the blue and took a chance and I’m so glad that I did because it opened up and rekindled my love of fantasy and my fascination with magic. Your characters all have special places in my heart, Ari and Janco fell like my best friends and Yelena was such an amazing role model in a time when I really needed one. Thank you so much for always sticking by me, even when it’s been a while.


I hope you enjoyed this tag and my slightly different take on it, I will tag Charlotte from Charlotte reads things, and Cora at Tea Party Princess but anyone is free to do this! Let me know if you do so I can check out your choices!

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