S4S – Books that have sat on your TBR forever

This should be a fairly easy prompt for me this week (I always say that and end up regretting it when I have more trouble than I thought I would!) But I have a huge TBR and because I’m a mood reader I tend to find it hard to keep any kind of actual schedule when it comes to reading so a lot of books just get pushed aside to wait until I’m done reading what I’m more in the mood for at the time and sometimes they just get a little forgotten. Being a little tight on money this past month and for the forseeable future at the moment means I’m on a book buying ban and am finally working through my TBR and enjoying finally getting to some books I’ve really been excited about! Silver lining and all that.

1. Outside in by Maria V. Snyder
When checking my TBR on goodreads this was actually the first book I added. The first book Inside out was really enjoyable and was one of the best plot twists/shocks I’d read at the time and I couldn’t wait for the next one. A lot of other stuff happened between the release of the first book and then its sequel and I hadn’t realised it was out for a long time and then I got a hold of it eventually and promised I’d get to it but haven’t got there yet and is currently the only book by Maria I’ve not yet read!

2. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
If you read last weeks  S4S you will know I decide to take my time in reading this and that means it’s been put on the back burner quite a lot. I also admit that books in my TBR that I’ve already seen the films more also tend to get dropped back quite a bit as it tends to make me less excited to read them because I feel like I already know roughly what happens. (I know this isn’t always the case and the book has much more in it but that is how my brain works apparently).

3. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Cinder is often one of the books I look at and consider reading quite often but never get around to because there are more than a few books in the series and if they’re already out I want to read them one after the other where possible so it often gets overlooked because of that which is a shame because it seems totally up my street.

4. The Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda Sailsbury
So Melinda Sailsbury is one of a couple of authors I love without having read anything by. This sounds stupid I know but there are a few authors I’ve met who or heard speak on panels etc and follow on Twitter and I just love their aesthetic and hearing about their books etc. I usually then buy said books and again if I’m not quite in the right mood I don’t get around to them right away. I’ve had this problem with V.W Schwab as well and I tried reading a Darker Shade of Magic, Vicious and then The Sin Eaters Daughter during my biggest book hangover and I’ve not managed to get back around to them yet but soon!! They’re all very very high on my current TBR so fingers crossed!!

5. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
I’m always on about how I still haven’t gotten around to this one and how it seems like the perfect book for me and I’ve nearly picked it up a couple of times this month already so I feel like the time to finally get around to reading this is almost upon us! With this book I think one of the problems is that I and others have hyped it up quite a bit and although I imagine it’s probably well worth the hype I think a part of me is worried that after all this time and being excited to read it what if I don’t like it?

6.Undead and Unsure by Mary Janice Davidson
So this is like…book 12 in the series and it was a series of books I absolutely adored but books 8 and 9 were starting to take the story in kind of weird directions I thought at the time and I really didn’t enjoy book 10 and stopped reading them. There have been 6 more books since then and I’ve always kept book 12 (Undead and Unsure) on my TBR because I feel like I’ll get forgive it and get back to it one day (and surely it can’t end as bad as the Sookie Stackhouse books right? ….right?) As one of the series of books that really got me back into reading after some time away I feel like I owe it to the series to give it another try. Just not quite yet…

10 thoughts on “S4S – Books that have sat on your TBR forever”

      1. True, but I think there’s so much to it that it needs a lot of time dedicated to it. Or, that’s how it would work for me anyway. I’d personally find it easier to read Sin Eater’s Daughter first.


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