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#S4S – Books People Tell Me To Read


Happy Six For Sunday! I finally have a spare moment to attempt a post for this weeks Six For Sunday post! This weeks theme is Books People Tell Me To Read and having such a big TBR to get through I have a few of these, most of which are books I own but just haven’t gotten around to yet. I love being recommended books and most of the time books that people suggest I read are spot on and I tend to enjoy the quite a lot, I love it when these books are people’s favourites as well as it feels like they’re letting me see a part of them or sharing something special with me so feel free to recommend me a book in the comments too!

1. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
I loved the Shadow and Bone trilogy and I’m excited for King of Scars but so many people tell me I should read the Grishaverse duology and I agree I totally need to get around to it but I’m a very mood led reader and I just haven’t been in quite the right mood for it yet.

2. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
I agree wholeheartedly with this one and I did start reading it at one point but I think I went a while without reading and ended up reading something sci-fi instead as I was in the mood for it more after playing a lot of Mass Effect. People always say that overnight seems completely in my wheelhouse and I think I’ll probably love it so I really up to get to it soon!

3. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.A Schawb
Another book I keep being recommended and am desperate to read, I tried at one point after reading Lord Of Shadows but the book hangover was strong and I just couldn’t get into it. Soon though hopefully!


4. More Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter
I didn’t name a specific book for this one because once I finish the one I’ve been listening to my husband will want me to read the next one and the next one and the next one etc until I’m as heartbroken as him pretty much >.< I’ve read two or three and I’m getting there…slowly, I really love the voices in the audiobooks but I’m far to attached to characters that keep dying or getting hurt.

5. Interview with a Vampire / Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles
As a teenager I was obsessed with Vampires, especially Lestat from the Queen of the Damned film, I LIVED for that soundtrack and I’m pretty sure between that and Interview with a Vampire which I saw when I was probably a bit too young alongside Blade it sparked off my literary obsession with vampires and fueled my love of reading when I discovered the Vampire Diaries. I (and some of my friends) am still shocked and appalled I haven’t finished Interview with a Vampire. I enjoyed what I’d read so far of it but the writing is so beautiful and decadent I feel like it needs to be really savoured but I often have to jump in out of books while half focusing on something else so I haven’t been able to give this book the full attention it deserves…yet.

6. Expanded Universe (Legacy) Star Wars Books
This is one I don’t own any books for. I started reading the Star Wars novels after reading the expanded universe comics for some years but after The Force Awakens when the canon had been readjusted and I didn’t feel like I wanted to go through all of those books for them to then not have any consequence in the stories canon so I continued with the non legacy books instead. While devouring the Rouge One prequel Catalyst I got talking to one of the guys at work who loved the Legacy books and even had a load stashed in his desk, he recommended some to me and I admit a few of them sound interesting enough to me to read despite their non canon status now but unlike the others on this list I don’t any already and I’m not quite as desperate to get to them.

This post has made me extra excited and motivated to get around to some of these books so thank you so much Steph from ALittleButALot for the fantastic prompt!


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