The Mid-Year Freakout Tag

28117424_10155040868531581_751126403_nI’ve been tagged by the lovely Lucinda from The Cliche Bookworm to do the currently very appropriate Mid-Year Freakout book tag. Appropriate because I’m currently drowning in books and it’s only July. I’m already 72% through my Goodreads reading challenge at the moment, nine books ahead with my 36 out of 50, I barely managed my target of 40 last year so I look set to easily beat that this year.

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2018 

Illuminae, hands down, it kept me on the edge of my seat, I became so attached to characters, I laughed, I was terrified, I cried and I questioned my morals. I know this book didn’t come out this year but it is the year I finally got around to reading it and although I regret not reading it sooner I’m very glad I got to read it and then it’s sequels in quick sucession!

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2018

Either Traitor to the Throne or Hero at the Fall, proably the later but I read them almost one after the other (having finished Traitor the morning of the release event for Hero) and I loved them both so much, turning the series from being just okay to I LOVE THESE BOOKS.


3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

Renegades, Slay, Eve of Man, Sorrow, Circe…These are just the new releases…

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

Thank you please.

5. Biggest disappointment

Don’t hate me but probably Everless by Sara Holland. I was so excited by the premise of this book and it just took so long to get going and I found the protaganist so boring that I pretty much wasn’t even interested by the time things got going towards the end. That being said I’m still going to check out Evermore when it’s released because I think it’s at a good place now to be a bit more interesting but we shall see!

6. Biggest surprise

I’ve read and loved a lot more contemporary than usual this year. Starfish, The exact opposite of Okay, Floored  and Bookshop Girl completley stole my heart and I can’t wait for the TEOOO and Bookshop Girl sequels as well as another book from the author of Starfish!

7. Favourite new author (Debut or new to you)

Jay Kristoff…after reading the Illuminae files and starting Nevernight I need more.
I’m also super keen to read anything by Akemi Dawn Bowman after reading Starfish.

8. Newest fictional crush

Nik from Gemina, no questions asked. Another character I adamantly hated then fell in love with.

9. Newest favourite character

Izzy O’Neil from The Exact Opposite of Okay. I love her so much!

10. Book that made you cry

Warriors: Into the Wild. It’s another old book I read this year but I started crying five minuites in at which point my husband realised the mistake he’d made in getting me to read a book about Warrior Cats. I had to lock myself in a bathroom at work to go cry for 15 minuites after a scene later on as well. These books are dangerous.

11. Book that made you happy

Starfish. This book took me through every emotional spectrum I could think of but in the end I felt better for it and I was genuinely happy. Bookshop Girl also gets a mention because it made me laugh and it was just so light hearted and fun.

12. Favourite book to film adaptation you saw this year 

I don’t think I’ve seen any this year. Flipping it around though I read The Last Jedi this novelisastion after seeing the film and mostly enjoyed that?

13. Favourite review you’ve written this year

My review of The Exact Opposite of Okay. It’s a long one and I don’t often talk about a lot of the opinions I have because I’m terrible at explaining myself but I really just let it all out for this review and I was (and still am) super proud of it.


14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

I think easily The Surface Breaks (which I’m currently  reading), the dust jacket is beautiful, the foil scales underneath are gorgeous and the size of the book is perfect I feel.

15. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

ALL OF THEM. I want to get Vicious read, Nevernight and Godsgrave, Renegades, ADSOM would be nice too!! These are just the ones I own that I want to read immediatley.

Thank you Lucinda for tagging me! This was a fun tag that has really helped to highlight some of the books I’ve really loved this year.

I haven’t thought of anyone to tag but if you see this and would like to do it consider yourself tagged by me and let me know in the comments.

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