Thursday Tag – Rapid Fire Book Tag

32105026_10155216836891581_3102756452771561472_nI realised recently that I really enjoy doing Tag posts because they’re so fun and  a nice way to learn a little about each other so I’m going to aim to post a Tag post three out of four (or so) Thursdays of the month and on the other Thursday I’m thinking a TBR post for the month? We’ll see how it works out. For today however I decided to have a go at the Rapid Fire Book Tag orgially created by Girl Reading and I found it while checking out the gorgeous blog of Cafe Manon and decided to give it a go!

E-Book or Physical Book?
Physical book. I do read a fair bit on my kindle now thanks to Net Galley and some ebook only releases etc and it defintley has its pros and I can see why people might prefer it but I prefer something with pages I can physically turn and I love to be able to look at all my books on my shelves.

Paperback or Hardback?
Paperback. They’re just more comfortable to read, it’s that simple.

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?
Both. We don’t have a book store in our town and I can’t always afford the extra bus fare to get to one so if thats the case and I’m desperate for a book I’ll get it from Amazon with free next day delivery or if I’m going to a physical store and already know at least one of the books I’m getting I order it for click and collect because often it’s a little cheaper that way. I usually then end up picking up another book anyway!

Trilogies or Series?
Trilogies. I think some series just go on so long that I forget about a lot that has happened or I’m just not as invested as I once was. I find their endings are often a lot less satisfying as well.

Heroes or Villains?
Villians. Always. I love a good anti hero too.

A book you want everyone to read?
This is a tough one to be honest, there are loads of books I love and want people to read and enjoy but not everyone has the same taste so it would have to be something that is good no matter what. I think maybe Invictus by Ryan Graudin, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James, Poison Study by Maria V Snyder, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline orrrrr A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas?
And The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

Recommend an underrated book?
Another difficult one because I don’t know nessicarily know what books other people consider to be underrated? I loved but don’t seem to see much about Invictus by Ryan Graudin, a great, fun stand alone book that was so well done and possibly one of my favourite stand alones in general.

The last book you finished?
The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

The Last Book You Bought?
I had no self control and brought five in one go.
A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas
The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green
The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris
Circe by Madeline Miller
The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?
A daisy? I’ve used basically everything >.<

Used Books: Yes or No?
Yes. I’ll admit I don’t use them often purely because I get a huge kick out of the book buying experience etc and I currently have a library fine I need to pay but there’s absolutley nothing wrong with used books.

Top Three Favourite Genres?
1. Fantasy (Usually YA)
2. Sci Fi (Also usually YA)
3. Historical Fiction

Borrow or Buy?
Buy. This is an entire ritual almost for me that is probably on par with eating chocolate for me when it comes to enjoyment. I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic and the day I brought my first book myself was one of my happiest.

Characters or Plot?
Characters. I realised this when playing the Mass Effect games and knowing that no matter the plot I would play the hell out of any game with those characters because they were real to me. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard to get good characters out of a bad plot but not impossible.

Long or Short Books?
Short. Or medium length would be good? I get too bored/impatient with really long books about 350/400 is perfect. I’m reading Gospel of Loki atm which is 302 pages and feels like a great size too but probably too small to tell a lot of stories well.

Long or Short Chapters?
Short. Same as above, I just get bored and it’s much more satisfying to finish chapters quicker.

Name The First Three Books You Think Of…
1. The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris (Currently reading and is right next to me)
2. Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman (Husband is reading it right now)
3. The Constant Princesses by Phillipa Greggory

Books That Makes You Laugh or Cry?
Both? I tend to cry a fair bit at books if they get me in the feels enough and I like being that emotional invested but I love it when a book can do both.

Our World or Fictional Worlds?
As fictional as possible although I do enjoy a but of historical fiction at times.

Audiobooks: Yes or No?
Yes. I don’t usually have an audio book as a main read unless I’m using whisper sync with a kindle book because I don’t have as much oppertunity to listen to it as I do to pick up a book and read. I love them both but I do prefer physical or ebooks.

Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?
Yes. Often.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?
It depends but I do love to check them out and see what they’re like. I’m usually fairly good at keeping the two seperate in any case and just enjoy more of something I enjoy usually.

A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?
Game of Thrones. (This was also Manon’s answer and I totally agree) the books are a total slog and I just enjoy the direction they’ve taken the show more.
Also Stardust. The book is great but I love the film.

Series or Standalone’s?
I don’t knooow! I’m notoriously usually unhappy with series endings but sometimes there just needs to be more. I love standalones but I think with the right book I would prefer series.

I hope you enjoyed todays tag! As usual I tag ALL OF YOU. If you’re reading this and want to do this for yourself then feel free and let me know so I can check out your answers!


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