#S4S – Questions for authors

31933372_10155209608341581_135988770649407488_nHappy Sunday to you all and here we are with this weeks Six for Sunday post! The prompt this week is “questions you have for authors.” I couldn’t decide whether to answer this prompt with six hypothetical blanket questions that could be applied to all authors or if I would ask six different questions to six different authors and then I had a terrible idea and took to Twitter in search of six authors who could instead answer one question for me. “What do you enjoy most about being an author.” Writing is damn HARD work, editing is mostly a nightmare (for me at least), and I can’t even imagine going down the road to get a piece of work actually published and the amazing people who go through all of this are amazing super heroes in their own right so I wanted to make this post about them and hope to show why they love being authors to perhaps inspire others to keep going and keep trying.

1. Joanne Harris (Chocolat, Runemarks, The Gospel of Loki)
“The possibilities it has opened up for me: the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met; the ideas I wouldn’t otherwise have had for writing yet more stories.

2. Delilah S. Dawson (Phasma, Wicked as they come, The Perfect Weapon)
“It’s given me a calling. I always felt like an artist who couldn’t find her body of work, like I needed to create but nothing that I made was fully satisfying. Now writing keeps me energized, hopeful, moving forward. I love the craft. And it’s brought amazing people into my life.”

3. Anna Day (The Fandom)
“Seeing my book in a book shop, knowing i can share stories with others 😊❤

4. Sally Green (The Smoke Thieves, The Half Bad Trilogy)
“The freedom (and the necessity) to explore and expand my creativity. Hard to express the joy this gives me.”

5. Dan Smith (The Dry Season, The Child Thief,  Below Zero)
“I love being close to stories, creating my own, and knowing that other people have enjoyed them.”

6. Lindsey Cummings (The Murder complex, The Balance keepers, Zenith)
“Telling stories for the pure joy of it.”

And I know I said six but as an extra bonus I also heard back from…

Maria V. Snyder (The Chronicles of Ixia books, The Healer trilogy, The Inside out duology)
In that case, my favorite thing about being an author is interacting with my readers! I love when I get emails and messages. My favorite ones are when someone is inspired by one of my characters. Like the woman who decided she wanted to be able to defend herself like Yelena and took karate classes until she earned a black belt! Girl Power! Woot!

Thank you so very very much to the authors who took part and took the time on a weekend to message me back (and super quick!) These people are all lovely and you should totally check out their books! I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be back with a review for you on Tuesday.

Until then, speak soon.


jemma setterington


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