#S4S – Less well known favourite books

30947518_10155196791291581_53056448_nHere we are again, another week down, another Sunday has arrived.. I’ve got today off and plan to crack on and get my Camp NaNoWriMo project finished with any luck because I’m starting to cut it close. Today’s #Six for Sunday post prompt from Steph at A little but a lot is “less well known favourite books” some people would have heard of these obviously but they’re probably books I would consider to be less well known in today’s YA community than most. That be saying said there might be one or two you’ve heard of, it’ll be interesting to see what books are maybe more well known than I thought.

1. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
This was a book I not only hadn’t heard of but had also not set out to buy. Back when Waterstones did their 3 for 2 deal every Christmas I brought a couple of books and couldn’t decide on a third one but “The Gargoyle” was sitting by the front desk, the cover was quite pretty and it had black stained edges. The stained edges sold it to me and back then my TBR was quite small so I read it not long after and I simply adored it. I blame this lucky purchase for my love of stained pages and the reason I so often will just pick up a book and think, “I like the look of this” and just buy it.

2. Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder
A fair few people of read and talk about The Poison Study series by Maria V Snyder, including myself but a series I don’t hear talked about as often, if at all is the healer series, starting with A Touch of Power. I became fascinated in the way the healing magic and the world worked in this book, along with the moral journey main character Avry is forced down. It’s one of my all time favourite books and I’ve always wished we got more than the trilogy.

3. Tides of War by Christie Golden
So we all know I adore Christie Golden but the Warcraft books might not be something people who don’t play Warcraft would read which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the books are one of my favourite things about the game and the lore within and one of the books I enjoyed the most but is probably a little less well-known is Tides of war, a story following Jaina Proudmore on her home isle of Theralas and what transpires after the Cataclysm but before we travel to Pandaria.

4. The Two Princesses of Barrmare by Gail Carson Levine.
A lot of people when thinking about Gail Carson Levine books will go straight to Ella enchanted which is a great book but I read The Two Princesses before that and although I’ve always loved reading this book was special because it was the first truly fantasy book I read and I totally fell in love with it. To this day when I write I often find myself writing characters that relate to both princesses whether I notice it or not.

5. Shadowmagic by John Lenahan
This was actually a book my husband recommended to me. He found it for free on the Kindle store somehow and after reading it couldn’t stop talking about it, it sounded like it might be up my alley so I decided to check it out and although perhaps a little more middle grade than I would usually read I really enjoyed it and proceeded to read the rest of the trilogy.

6. Inside out by Maria V Snyder
Another one by Maria V Snyder! For the few people I have heard mention the healer series by her I’ve never heard anyone talk about this duology which was one of the first dystopian/sci-fi books I read and enjoyed. I will admit it gave me so much of a book hangover and the end got me so bad that I still haven’t read the sequel Outside In but will be rectifying that in the very near future. This book features on my all time favourite twists that I didn’t remotely see coming and can probably be blamed for my love of third act twists/reveals.

So there we have it, the last #S4S of April is done and dusted but I’ll be back with a review and a new book tag and/or discussion (when I finally decide) next week!

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